VIDEO: Pregnant Woman Claims Police Threw Her On Stomach, Then Police Release Bodycam With Truth

Pregnant woman Zityrua Abraham told reporters police threw her to the ground. She changed her story once police released video that didn't support that.

Pregnant woman Zityrua Abraham told reporters police threw her to the ground. She changed her story once police released video that didn’t support that.

Zityrua Abraham Changed Her Story Once Video Refuted Her First Statement

Sacramento, California – Sacramento Police Department released video that doesn’t support the claim by a pregnant woman that police threw her to the ground while trying to gain entrance to her home. (Video below)

Once the video was released, the woman changed her story about how she ended up on the ground, according to differing accounts reported by the media.

Police were looking for a suspect in an auto theft on July 9 when they came in contract with Zityrua Abraham, who says that was pregnant. Abraham’s boyfriend was a suspect and when police approached and identified themselves, the boyfriend ran inside her residence and locked the door.

The video shows that Abraham yelled that her child was in the house and said, “Hold on! Wait a minute” and then stood in the front of the doorway while police were trying to gain entrance.

The video shows an officer take hold of Abraham with both hands on her right wrist as the pregnant woman moves past the officer. She was still standing when she gets past the officer and was still holding on to a Pepsi cup.

When Abraham was told the video doesn’t support her being thrown to the ground by the officer, she changed her story.

Abraham initially told reporters in a July 11 story that an officer grabbed her arm and threw her down on her stomach, according to KTXL TV.

In a TV interview with KRON 4 TV, Abraham said, “a cop grabs my arm and twists it and pulls me and pulls my arm and throws me directly on my stomach.”

But after video was released, Abraham told the Sacramento Bee that one officer initially grabbed her by the arm and moved her into the path of another officer who actually threw her.

The police say that didn’t happen.

“She refused to follow officer’s commands to move, so an officer grabbed her arm and pulled her to the left of him and out of the officers’ path to the doorway,” the police said in a statement. “After the officer let go, it appears her momentum took her from the paved walkway to the uneven grass surface. She lost her balance and fell to the ground.”

Abraham said the video release was disappointing, and told the newspaper she was still considering pressing charges.

The first 50 seconds of the video show the confrontation between police and the pregnant woman.