WATCH: Help, Help, I’m Being Sexually Harassed! w/ Update

WATCH: Help, Help, I’m Being Sexually Harassed! w/ Update

UPDATE: After we made her famous, Zarna Joshi took down this video and she now appears to be trying to scrub the internet of its existence. While Joshi’s video and story were intended to make the police and others look bad, it only showed how insane this woman appears to be. We’re thinking that she may have consulted with an attorney that told her it’s a bad idea to post a video of yourself acting like a complete freak and breaking the law. While the original article had linked to Joshi’s Facebook video, after it was taken down we have added the video from a second source that still has it up. 

Seattle, Washington – Black Lives Matter protester, Zarna Joshi, was at a recent Seattle City Council meeting when she went completely hysterical after she was “sexually harassed,” and demanded police response, then refused to speak with officers when they arrived.

The incident happened as a group of anti-police protesters were protesting the building of a new Seattle Police North Precinct Station. The protesters have deemed the new station “the bunker” to try to convince people that it’s the base of operation for an occupying army. The “Block The Bunker” Facebook page has almost 1,500 followers because: Seattle.

Obnoxious protester, Zarna Joshi, had been getting in people’s faces and demanded to know their names. Joshi then saw a police supporter being interviewed by a news reporter, and she decided to harass him. When Joshi confronted the supporter, he identified himself to her as “Hugh Mongous.” And that’s when the world fell apart. The crazy really starts about two minutes in. (Warning: Language)

In the video, Zarna Joshi recorded herself committing the crimes of disorderly conduct and trespassing. She then demanded enforcement against a man who committed no crime, but made a juvenile joke to troll an obnoxious protester. He probably instantly regretted his decision once the crazy was unleashed.

Zarna Joshi then took to Facebook to voice her outrage with an account of the incident which doesn’t match her video:

That same guy then sexually harassed me. And when I asked him why he was sexually harassing me, he kept doing it. When I raised my voice and told everyone what he was doing, he ran away.

The security guards, who witnessed everything, then accosted me to tell me to be quiet. When I asked them why they were going after me instead of the man who sexually harassed me, they called the cops ON ME.

The cops were already there, of course. They didn’t go after the man who’d sexually harassed me. When I asked them to at least take notes of what happened and why they were not going after the man who sexually harassed me, they said that I should speak with one of their officers alone. They didn’t take any notes, they didn’t even send one man to go look out for the guy while this conversation was going on for over ten minutes. The officers stood there with their hands on their guns until a white man asked why they had their hands on their guns. Why were they holding their guns while talking to a woman of color who was sexually harassed? Why would they ask that woman of color to go alone with them to talk to them, while holding those guns?

I refused to leave the safety of my community to speak to a cop alone and it was only when another person – an older white male – spoke up, that the cop decided to take down my description of my harasser and I showed them some of this video.

I was sexually harassed and then criminalized because I wouldn’t shut up about being sexually harassed. And the city wants to give these cops $160 million dollars to build a military bunker to “protect us”. The cops didn’t protect me. They didn’t look out for me. They didn’t give a damn. Why would they? They’re part of a gang that molests and criminalizes innocent people all the time.

Rather than arrest Zarna Joshi for creating a disturbance and refusing to leave, the responding officers left her to run free and create more of a disturbance because: Seattle.

These are the sort of self-entitled obnoxious people that police officers are forced to deal with every day. When you think that you’ve had a bad day at work, just remember that you aren’t putting up with this kind of crazy.

  • Thomas Lee Mullins

    She accused the one guy of sexual arrassement then it it seems she accuses the other guy of it. She just wants attention.

    I wonder if his name was actually Hugh Mongus.

    • disqus_MzKpKtdP8Z

      She needs to get laid, because all she can think is dick 😀

      • Jeff

        hell no, she would only cry “rape!” she is a total fruit cake

      • Torgo

        Yes. He’s a big guy, overweight, and frankly humongous. If she’s got big dick on the brain then that’s all on her. Our man Hugh has better things to do than bandy words with a witless worm like her.

    • Calvin Brown

      It’s actually Mike Oxlong

    • charles bishop

      His real name is Mike Oxlong

    • TheAnonymousOne

      His name is Rudy Pantoja Jr.
      Pretty nice dude, daughter was a druggie and the police arrested her and got her some help, which is why he was there in the first place.

  • Craig Fisher

    Funny how they’ll protest cops, then when they feel they need one they expect the cops to drop everything to help them ! If I were a cop there on the scene, I would’ve told her to call someone she felt like she could trust, not the law.

    • EyemNotFree

      Hang the SCOTUS. Violently exterminate the United States government with extreme prejudice. Arrest and execute Barrack Obama

    • losknor

      Then you would be fired for being a crappy cop. Your job is to serve and to protect. You don’t get to pick and choose who you get to serve and protect.

      • Craig Fisher

        In BLM members minds, aren’t ALL cops crappy ? Or just the ones they deem necessary to shoot & kill ?

        • losknor

          I don’t want to speak for them but I hope they are just referring to the cops who are abusing their power and not all cops.

          • Craig Fisher

            Their leaders are calling for a KOS…Kill On Site of ALL LEO’S, They’re no better than the KKK. They’re a HATE group just the same.

          • losknor

            I don’t think they have leaders. Anyone can say they are in the BLM and they are a leader. It is similar to the people in Occupy Wall-street. They are just a collective of like-minded individuals protesting a common cause. For instance, I can go out on the news and say a bunch of crazy things and say I am part of BLM. There is no way to say that I am or I am not because they are not an exclusive group with a chain of command.

          • Marshadar

            Yes they do have leaders, as Deray has taken millions from Soros on behalf of BLM. Maybe you should know more about the movement before you defend it? When an “unofficial” chapter in New Orleans tried to have a cookout with police, BLM was quick to cite that it was not officially sanctioned. Sounds pretty centralized to me.


          • Laurie

            There are in fact movement leaders for BLM. You should read more.

          • Laurie


          • ShlomoShunn

            Kill on site? WTF?

            You mean “sight”?

          • Craig Fisher

            Yes, Lord forgive me for making a spelling mistake, I was on my cell and was in a hurry, geez

          • generatorslov

            forgetting g&h and adding e isn’t a spelling mistake, it’s a lack of education

          • Arthur Conway

            A sentences begin’s with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation. Forgetting how to format a proper sentence is not a mistake, it’s a lack of education.

          • Ken78


            “A sentences begin’s with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation. ” No…

            A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark.
            Forgetting how to make the subject and verb tense agree, while criticizing someone else’s grammar error is not a mistake, it’s a lack of awareness that you are a snobby a-hole.

          • Internet Person

            Are you implying that his comment’s purpose wasn’t just to emulate the tone of the person he replied to?

            You seem to be selective with who you pick on.

          • Alex

            Arthur was using grammar nazism to make fun of generatorslov, because generatorslov was being a grammar nazi. Now you are being a grammar nazi who is defending a grammar nazi by using grammar nazism. Meanwhile, grammar nazism seems to be something that you do not approve of. The logical loops here are making my head spin. I mean seriously, put in question format, that statement looks like the kind of thing you’d see on an IQ test.

          • Ken78

            The logical loop here is to use correct English.
            You are taking all of this way too seriously.

          • Aaron Hillaker

            You and Zarna would get along great. : )

          • generatorslov

            i love these passive aggresive smileys 🙂
            and no, she’s a crazy bitch

          • Aaron Hillaker

            He wrote it on a fucking phone. You’re a petty cunt.

          • generatorslov

            not an argument
            Grammar – difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit..

          • Alex

            Or its, ya know, autocorrect. Phones have a mind of their own these days as anyone who has tried to spell definitely can tell you.

          • generatorslov

            no way sight gets corrected to site. autocorrect works based on comparing syllables in a dictionary – sight and site are phonetically the same thus it’s just stupid person writing…

          • Ariean

            its just a fucking internet comment not a job interview or a resume you piece of crap

          • Marcus Shaw

            You’re a fucking retard dude.

          • Laurie

            BLM is supporting a movement nationwide to target all law enforcers, even the good, even off duty.

          • Marcus Shaw

            The fact that none of you know what you’re talking about is making me cringe into oblivion.

          • tirasangue

            Easy for you to say all of them know nothing they are talking about when you haven’t provided any ACTUAL evidence so far.

          • Daniel Stone

            you mean the same way you have provided no ACTUAL evidence to support your claims?

          • tirasangue

            He’s the one who said everyone didn’t have a clue of what they were talking about. I’m saying he doesn’t have any evidence to disprove what they were saying.

            I didn’t claim what they were saying was right or wrong, i said if what they are saying is wrong then he should tell us why it’s wrong. Do i need evidence to back up my claim that he doesn’t provide any evidence to prove the contrary?

          • Alex

            look out guys Marcus Shaw is cringing!! Whatever shall we do to earn Marcus Shaw’s approval? Maybe if we all get cool haircuts his opinion will change?

          • NOAH L. HOLCOMB. JR.

            They are not. They are against ALL police. Read their “manifesto” which #BLM released about 11 days ago.

          • Daniel Stone

            dont be an idiot your whole life.

          • jhonny_appleseed

            BLM is a terror organization, full stop. They have terroristic goals (death of cops) and their movement is based on a lie. It has been repeatedly statistically proven that police do not shoot black people at a higher rate than white people, even taking into account the much higher black crime rate. The person who started this hate movement – Michael Brown – was trying to murder a cop after he robbed a convenience store. BLM is lies from top to bottom.

            The only idiot here, sir, is you. I’d suggest you focus on black lives ‘mattering’ to other black people since 90+% of black deaths are caused by other black people.

          • Daniel Stone

            Youre full of shit full stop. The only idiot here, sir, is you. I’d suggest you focus on opening your eyes and figuring out why you think the ugly things you think. You have presented to evidence. you have only made baseless claims in service of your bigoted world view. “it has been repeatedly statistically proven that police do not shoot black people at a higher rate than white people” This sentence proves you are so dumb you have missed the entire point. Maybe when a badly trained cop executes you finally get it.

          • jhonny_appleseed

            That is why people like you are so laughable – you have your idiotic, baseless claims thoroughly rebutted and all you can do is bluster and argue. “He’s sexually harassing me!!!”

            BLM is a terror organization. More BLM members have killed innocent cops than cops have killed innocent black men. If reality is so offensive to you, there’s an easy way out.

          • Alex

            Lets all go back and forth demanding sources for our baseless claims and emotional rhetoric.

        • Harker

          I think BLM could really do themselves a favour a rebrand to All lives matter, Im sure the majority of supporter behind the movement love and support their whole community. It would really shut down all of this nonsense bigots who jump on the racist wagon and makes sweeping statements about all BLM supporters thinking all cops are shit.

          I find it funny to read through these comments as you can really tell the people who read inflammatory right wing media sources and have generally questionable views as they always capitalise the keywords in their sentences as they think people need prompting when an important part of the sentence is coming up. Let me just out the spoon and feed you some horse shit…

          • Craig Fisher

            I don’t find it ” Funny ” at all. I’ve yet to see a BLM protest that was peaceful in any shape, form or fashion and I WENT to one ! BLM is a hate group, no different than the KKK, ISIS or any other. I don’t agree or align myself with ANY of them.

          • Ivan Knight

            Colin Kaepernick was considered peaceful, no?

          • Windygirl

            Right. He’s just the gasoline to fuel the fire. Nice attempt at deflection, though.

          • Alex

            I like you Harker. You are a reasonable person. A precious trait in these dark times. Though I disagree with you in regard the re-branding BLM into ALM as I believe that this would defeat the purpose of the movement. Consider the following: If you were at a benefit that was raising awareness and money to fight cancer would you pipe up to the people around you and say something like “Cancer isn’t the only disease! Why aren’t we talking about Tuberculosis as well? Cholera is still killing people!” The purpose of BLM is to promote public awareness of the issues between law enforcement and black people. Of course all lives matter, that is implied in our everyday experience. It doesn’t need to be said.

          • Dan Cronk

            If 90% of black people are killed by black civilians, why does BLM focus on police? Wouldn’t it make more sense to fight for better education and anti gang organizations? I have no idea why police officers are “the enemy”. Statistically you are far more likely to be killed by another black person if you are black. Over 9/10 black people are killed by another black person. Why are we focusing on the 10% and no the 90%? Doesn’t this seem odd? Black communities need help. It isn’t because they are black because our skin color does not define us. If we are to move forward we must look beyond skin color and look at culture. Most black Americans are raised in single mother homes and they are far more likely to be introduced to crime at a young age. Education and positive actions are the key. Not hate. Which is what BLM promotes.

          • Randy

            BLM doesn`t like facts

        • ummm…

          I think you know very well that the sober and thoughtful people in the BLM movement are responding to certain perceived (and many times quite real) injustices – much like how many sober and thoughtful cops may not want to be attached to the more extreme and renegade cop or police policy. Tone it down bud. You are just hurting your cause.

      • ronno

        he was making a rhetorical point, not being literal. chill.

        • losknor

          But it was an awful point.

          • ronno

            the point is they’re lying when they say police are murderers who want to kill them and shouldn’t be trusted. absolutely true.

          • losknor

            It would be a total lie if they say all cops are murderers who want to kill them. What is not a lie, is police abusing their power, becoming overly aggressive when dealing with civilians, racial profiling and unwarranted deaths.

          • ronno

            yes that’s true, in the same sort of sense that shark attacks are not a lie. plus it’s disingenuous to claim profiling doesn’t work. that doesn’t mean white people (particularly young men) are ignored by police.

          • losknor

            profiling doesn’t work. Indiscriminately searching American citizens and hoping that out of the 100 you will get 5 criminals doesn’t mean it works. How about the 95 people you harassed in the process?

          • ronno

            right, the fact that there are false positives doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. if that’s the case, you might as well say security and policing doesn’t work at all.

          • losknor

            Then why not just arrest everyone in your town? There is a good chance that there are a few criminals in your town, so that means that they got arrest. The criminals were arrested, so cause closed.

          • ronno

            so you are against security. got it.

          • Marshadar
          • Harker

            Marshadar, lets actually get some stats from the police shall we:
            Better not rely on the white bias media trying to divide you societies up in to rich and poor and black and white ey.

          • Harker

            Also, have you fucking read the comment section of the NYT article, everyone rips it to shreds for basically being an unfounded opinion piece without a shred of reliable evidence cited.

            You guys really like citing news articles with bold, capitalised headlines that shock and scare you into thinking there is a problem with something, its almost like you get as far as the headline the get so angry with the perceived ‘problem’, you jump back to messaging boards to share this nonsense with a wider pool of pond life.

          • Marshadar

            Wow, I didn’t realize the comments section on articles had so much power and credibility. Perhaps i should always skip down past articles to get verification from strangers like you on the Internet…..

          • losknor

            That is not what I said. I just think profiling is not the answer.

          • hopeful8

            Neither is profiling all police officers – but that’s what’s happening.

          • Harker

            Hopeful8, you are a tit in the wind. ‘Evidence or gtfo’….

          • hopeful8

            People like you are the problem.

          • jhonny_appleseed

            Profiling does work, which is why you falsely inserted the word ‘indiscriminately’. The reason Ben Guiron airport is so secure is because they profile. It has been proven time and again to work; the problem is that when a law-abiding person has to answer a few questions because of profiling they don’t blame the people who look like them for their criminal activity, they blame the people trying to stop criminal activity.

          • Harker

            Yeah, tbf young white people are treated just the same as minorities in the US, you’re really right here Ronno, yeah, nice.

          • hopeful8

            The DO say that ALL cops are murderers and that ALL cops want to kill them. It’s not the truth – but they DO say it.

          • Harker

            No they don’t that is ridiculous. In the words of other ‘serious’ commenters here, evidence or ‘gtfo’.

          • hopeful8

            If you’re looking for a fight you can look elsewhere.

          • jhonny_appleseed

            What is not a lie is you do not know in all circumstances the proper limits of power, what the right level of aggression is, or the validity of ‘racial profiling’. You’re a moron on the sidelines trying to tell the people who protect you how to do their job. Don’t be surprised if they turn their back on you.

          • Harker

            Ronno, I think when you say it’s a lie to say police are murders is wrong. I think in the vast majority of cases that statement would be true, but for some states it has been proven, statistically that the police are racist and seek to punish, kill and victimise African Americans far more than white Americans.
            I mean this goes far beyond the treatment by police to minorities in America, and more generally to the structure of society of how opportunities, pay, benefits, education and everything else are skewed to oppress minorities.
            Having said that, America is one of the youngest nations on the planet, and still has a long fucking way to go to sorting out its problems. Hopefully it’ll get there one day though.

          • ronno

            blacks are about 50% of violent crime perpetrators and about 25% of deaths at the hands of police (with unarmed black men being closer to 3%). and keep in mind that cases like michael brown are technically “unarmed” even though he posed a threat to take the officer’s gun.

          • Christian

            The point was funny! only SJW would get triggered !

      • Cats736

        > You don’t get to pick and choose who you get to serve and protect.

        Yes, they actually do get to pick and choose.

        • losknor

          I guess the police motto, “To protect and to serve” is a bunch of BS.

          • Tobacatastrophe

            They were choosing to protect and serve their sanity by not dealing with her.

          • Momo

            if we go by your terms, then they should protect and serve criminals when doing bad deeds

        • Alex

          That’s an interesting story. It seems more like a piece of legal arcana that needs to be sorted out and made right with new legislation rather than something we should stand by as a legal precedent. Three children were murdered as a result of police inaction in that case. Hardly the kind of thing we want to see replicated as a society.

      • William Wheeler

        Protect her against what? Her being disruptive? The guy being interrupted was being harassed by this woman so he decided to give her a false name. How she interpreted that as him sexually harassing her is opinion only. A reasonable person wouldn’t consider that as such. No crime was committed. She got herself embarrassed is all. So what was the reason she released this video again?

        • Ball Buster®

          She’s tried to hide the video now so she won’t be prosecuted for being an idiot.

          • tirasangue

            Hope she does and learns her lesson. We need less people like this.

      • strawmanbeater

        The Supreme Court ruled that the police have ZERO responsibility to protect you. None. Ziltch. Nada. Not one speck of responsibility. And their actual job is to serve warrants and tickets.
        To serve (tickets) and protect (the politicians).

      • Josef Roesler

        Actually, she approached him to make a police report. If she won’t cooperate, then he has no obligation to do anything else for her. What he should have done, however, is arrest her for disturbing the peace.

      • Alex

        Protect from what? You don’t get to tell cops to enforce pretend laws that you made up on the spot.

      • ummm…

        in all honesty if anyone was to be arrested it would be her, and I’m not even a proponent of the current law enforcement culture.

      • ummm…

        what do you suggest the cops should have done?

    • Frank Castle

      They believe the cops are there to submit and do what these whakos tell them. The women is insane and obsessed with men submitting to her.

      • ummm…

        what are the cops there to do?

        • Anti-Feminist

          To keep people safe, not do what “Feminists” want them to do. Cops aren’t their pets to just make them do whatever she or they want them to do. They have a right to do what they want to do and if the person she or they want, isn’t doing anything wrong then fuck her.

          • Johannes Nystad

            If I was one of the cops on scene, I would have taken her straigth to the looney bin… No question asked.

    • Sunshine1011

      And that is why you will never be an officer, you are a piece of scum, officers do not pick and choose whom they will help, regardless of what the person says to them.

      • vin b

        Learn to take a joke dumb ass

      • KYS

      • ThreeSixtydroid

        In cop training you’re not suppose to take action just based on what some random said. Otherwise I could point you out to a cop and be like that person has a bomb under their shirt and they’re going to blow it up and they’d shoot you.

  • Dwaddle

    What a xxxxx! She ask for it! Her loud mouth is all you here. She was throwing all the f bombs around . To bad our men couldn’t tell her to F off! She just wanted to run her big mouth.

    • kimmieb2u

      Yeah and she’s going to go show the film to her buddies to prove what a badass she is. Trouble is, most of them will agree with her or never tell her she sounds INSANE. I feel sorry for anyone in her life that says anything she doesn’t like!

  • supr squirrel

    I’m all for free speech, but that bitch needs to be put in check. Did it ever occur to her that he said ‘Hugh Mongus’ because he’s a BIG GUY? SJW at their finest….. Seriously, the more I watch this the more she pisses me off….

  • Balius54

    Sexual harassment is a civil offense. It must happen at a workplace and the plantiff must prove it affected her ability to work or promote. Police are only allowed to inforse criminal laws.

    • Marshadar

      She sounds like she’s from the UK where they have thought crimes and no freedom, so perhaps she thought the USA was just as retarded.

      • Rumman Raihan

        She’s Indian

      • Harker

        “Thought crimes and no freedom?” Come on guy? There a people like this all over the world, this has nothing to do with her possibly being from the UK.

        • Marshadar

          Dude, you can be arrested in the UK for having sex too loud, and the article below is being pushed in their government. I stand by my statement.

          • Harker

            Come on, you are not serious.

            and really, there is nothing wrong with targeting people on and offline who perpetuate the spreading of a murderous organisation. There really wasn’t much wrong with anything I read in that telegraph article, however little respect I have for them as a media organisation.

            I think sometimes freedom of speech is over valued, particularly when it gives freedoms to people who are an act of violence away from being a mass murderer (I’m thinking 7/7 bombers here).

            In America freedom of speech can be really great, but it can also allow fucking morons to spout baseless shit all of the time that does nothing but divide societies. Xenophobes, racists, terrorists et al hide behind your constitution when really their opinion ought to be shut down as it is wrong, regressive and damaging.

            Liberty and freedom can still exist in a society when you are not allowed to spout hate crimes and get away with it you know.

            Also, please send a link backing up these people having loud sex, I am genuinely intrigued to see the circumstances surrounding being arrested for having sex too loud.

          • Marshadar

            I’m glad you apparently reside the UK, so that your particular infection will stay over there. The fact that, “I think sometimes freedom of speech is over valued…” came out of your mouth is quite telling, and lets me know that I have nothing further to gain from communicating with you past this post (why are you stalking me online btw? Isn’t that illegal now in the UK?). YOUR opinion, in my view, is more damaging than that of the most vile racist. Why, you may ask? Because when vile people speak, people hear it, and either tune them out or fight back if they’re bored. People like YOU, however, couch their vile beliefs in the camouflage of social justice, when it’s really just regressive leftism and authoritarianism. What’s important about the 1st Amendment is that it protects those types of speech considered unsavory or controversial. Liberty and freedom CANNOT exist in a police state that controls how you feel and speak about topics, no matter how ridiculous or controversial they may be. Let the wrong people out themselves as racist (or whatever buzzfeed word of the day SJW’s want to pick) and let people have the freedom to choose to engage with or listen to them.

            It’s easy to blather on about who’s speech should be shut down when you toe the party line, right comrade? What if it’s YOU, one day that society deems fit to label as undeserving of the freedom to say what you want? I bet you wouldn’t be singing the same tune. Also, google that article yourself, I’m not your personal researcher. Or don’t, I really don’t care and I won’t be responding further to a statist bootlicker like yourself any longer. GFY and get graped.

  • MolonLabe#tryme


  • SmokeyBehr

    Liberalism is a mental disease, and this is further proof of it.

    • losknor

      You can say the same about Conservatism. There are wackjobs on all parts of the political spectrum. If you dont think so, you might be one of those wackjobs.

      • leacherfag

        Best place to usually be on any subject is on the middle ground. Best rule of thumb

      • Marshadar

        Are conservatives (I’m not one btw) running around shutting down people’s speech they disagree with and screaming rape and sexual harassment anytime their stupid beliefs are challenged? No they are not. It is the regressive left, made up of cucks, SJW’s and feminists going crazy as they attempt to subject the rest of us with their cultual marxism. Get strugfugged.

        • Jimmy1337

          Yes they do very similar things

        • Harker

          Yes they do. Watch any videos from a Trump rally.

          • Marshadar

            private property and rally, so too bad if you are ejected. I’m speaking to Milo or Ben Shapiro being silenced at PUBLIC and PRIVATE universities. Keep in mind these events, while open to the public, are held by private organizations. Remember what happened at DePaul with the host organization PAYING extra for more security and the administration telling them to stand down as the event was hijacked? Has that happened on any “conservative” universities yet? If you don’t believe the regressive left are the main drivers behind censorship today then I’m at a loss. Just look at universities telling students not to even discuss or question certain theories because the science is “settled” or CNN censoring a Trump shirt when doing a story about a good Samaritan. Obviously my previous statement is part hyperbole, but not by much because, even though some censorship happens on the right in different areas, it is not NEAR as prevalent as the regressive left has been lately.

          • Marshadar

            Also, I’m pretty sure they aren’t screaming rape every time someone looks at them wrong, going on about microaggressions, or white cis scum privilege lol

      • Booch Paradise

        video or gtfo.

        • losknor

          I’m not going to do your homework for you. If you really want that info, you can find it. You clearly have the internet, so don’t be willfully ignorant.

          • Booch Paradise

            I’m not asking for homework there buddy, I’m making a truth claim. All you need is one video of a conservative being this crazy. But you can’t find one can you? ROFL

          • losknor

            Nope. Still not doing your homework.

          • Booch Paradise

            Fear of failure is a hell of a thing.

          • Monadnock

            I love this answer. You see this a lot when someone doesn’t have an answer or proof that they can use to validate a claim.

            YOU made the assertion, the onus is on YOU to supply evidence supporting it. You can’t simply say something, hold it up as truth and then tell people to find proof of that claim for themselves. The problem is, there is no proof that supports your assertion. We know that there is none, but more importantly, YOU know it, which is why you can’t supply said evidence. At the very least, your comment is disingenuous, and at worst, a blatant lie. Yes, I’m calling you a liar. Now, if you don’t want to be a liar, you can simply do what normal people do and supply facts that support your claim.

            With that said, citation please. Tick, tock.

          • losknor

            You can bully me all you want, I still wont do your research for you. You have Google like everyone else. The time it took you to write all that stuff, you would have had your answer. If only you did your own due diligence in finding your answer.

          • Harker

            There you go you willful idiots. There are people on all parts of the political spectrum who force their opinions down people’s throats.
            I guess I could’ve chosen any number of videos from inside Trump conventions in which people with different opinions are forcefully ejected, physically harassed or just generally being hounded by wackjobs.
            Wackjobs are everywhere, just more commonly in America, on the right and the left.

          • Jimmy1337

            Google the war on Christmas.

          • Booch Paradise

            I did. I didn’t find a single screaming melt down in a public place due to completely imagined persecution.

  • Linda M. Wegener

    OMG, she needs to be locked up in an institution. She needs mental help. That video she posted did her absolutely no good. Whatever cause she thinks she was helping I think it backfired. And the other lady egging her on should be held accountable also.

    • EJC

      This is 3rd wave feminism. Google for feminists attacking an Argentina cathedral. This normal behaviour for them and the so-called true feminist is super quiet about it.

      • tirasangue

        Honestly, i didn’t think it would ever be driven to the point where “Feminist” became a derogatory term. I applaud them in their efforts to taint the reputation of the movement that had achieved so many great things, worst of all; they managed to do it.

        • jhonny_appleseed

          Feminism didn’t achieve anything. Just like all identity movements the fact that it comes into existence means that its cause has long past relevance. There were women doctors, professors, and engineers long before ‘feminism’.

  • kimmieb2u

    Oh yes, BLM should post this all over the place–it totally exemplifies their entire MO and the basis for most of their “protests”. I have a headache just listening to her shout, “What is your name?”

  • Papa Cooz

    25 years ago she would have been cuffed, fluffed and folded about 15 seconds into her rant. She needs a good throat punch to shut that ignorant mouth up. Tell it to the judge B**ch.

  • jill Schaefer

    Omgosh i felt so bad for that man bt im sorry that shit was halarious she sounded so ridiculous and sge thinks her video will back her is even funnier…these people r a joke to me….get a life one worth livin…maybe if u had anything positive goin on with ur life u wouldnt have time for this…low lifes, why more can be said about it and wht more could be expected

  • tekwrite

    My mom used to call them “uppity”.

  • Rosewould

    If you think SHE’S nuts, consider that some idiot married her.

  • Susan Cadwell

    Pathetic… shame on her – there are too many women who are legitimately sexually harassed (I being one) and it’s because of a dumbass feminazi like this woman that most women are not taken seriously, who are dismissed. These women are out of control. Shame on the police for not hauling her off for public disturbance. That man didn’t harass her in ANY fashion!! She addressed him FIRST… he was simply trying to leave. Thankfully there is a full video available that will throw all of her bullshit down the drain… horrible. This doesn’t help women anywhere… for any cause.

  • Traci

    That’s a stupid, stupid lying BITCH right there. Someone beat the shit out of her! Yes, that is a request for violence – stupid BITCH! LIAR IDIOT BITCH!

  • should have tazed her

  • CurmudgeonNYC

    This woman is an absolute crazy fool.

  • Ken Andrews

    Just a plain NUT CASE. Typical Obama loving , Hilary supporting Debbie WS style wacko.

    • max g force


    • Check out the Facebook page for this loony. She hates Hillary, and is not voting for her.

      • RadicalAnime

        I’m shocked since Trump isn’t with the Black Lives Matter bullshit.

        • captain_pudding

          You think this woman is capable of rational thought?

          • another warrior

            She is probably one of those people who invested their paycheck in Bernie and religiously followed EVERYTHING having to do with him. This would include the voter fraud. I’d reason this is the only reason why SOME of these types of crazy don’t like Hillary.

      • Harker

        Other than being a massively crazy over-reactionist, it does seem like she has been involved in some pretty rational and reasonable protests in the past, it does all seem a bit pointless though if this is how she thinks being progressive and feminist. Totally undermines herself and her cause in one fail swoop. We all do thing we regret, but this is on another level. I think most rational people who have read more than just mainstream American media wouldn’t vote for Hillary, I guess it sucks that the other choice is Trump. Good luck America, you can keep Hilary, Trump and this fine gal Zarna…

  • Gene Splicer

    “The officers stood there with their hands on their guns until a white man asked why they had their hands on their guns. Why were they holding their guns while talking to a woman of color who was sexually harassed? Why would they ask that woman of color to go alone with them to talk to them, while holding those guns?”

    Any officer in the midst of an angry mob that doesn’t keep a hand on his holstered weapon is just inviting someone to disarm him and that is not an option.

    It’s called officer safety and career survival.

  • Don LeMaster


  • Hassenbensober

    What’s your name? ………Jack Meoff!!!

    • 1fastphker

      Mike Hunt

      • Hassenbensober

        Oil Beef Hooked!

  • David

    I hope that they found out what care home she escaped from….

  • Ron

    This check is a mental case.
    She was not sexually harassed.
    She is a retarded idiot….

  • Gio

    Give me a break, no laws were broken and nothing happened to no one, she is just acting like a huge spoiled brat, or being a bitch on purpose, typical hysterical asshole, using the woman card, if a man said “I’m being sexually harassed” no one would give a shit, but women who are too stupid to have an intelligent argument or debate with anyone will do exactly what this crazy lady just did, start yelling lies that people will believe due to stereotypes, I am glad she was dumb enough to record it and post the video, hopefully this will help educate more people on the privileges of being a woman today, all you have to do is say someone is trying to fuck you to get your way.

  • Kristyn

    Each and every person after should have said their name was Hugh when asked by this lunatic

    • Mark Doldon

      I wonder what the guard with the eastern European accent really told her? I’d love it if he told her his name is :drop dead, bitch’ in Estonian or something. “Is that enough for you?”

  • TookOnePsychologyClass

    Come see the violence inherent in the system! Help, Help, I’m being repressed!

    A profound thank you to all cops who have to deal with this stupidity every day!

    • Lop Treadmill

      I always think of that scene when I see shit like this. They had this whole mess predicted.

  • 1fastphker

    could someone please kick this bitch in the mouth…u protest against us then want our help I hope u fall off a fucking Bridge u racist pig…..

  • Leah

    Hahahahaha what a fool.

  • Robert Andrews

    What a cunt, and also very pussified cops.

  • EyemNotFree

    This lady is purely the creation of Hillary Clinton. No more death penalty for killing the religious police. Violently exterminate the United States government with extreme prejudice. Arrest and execute Barrack Obama. I demand the inquisition device out of my back Richard Nixon and the CIA stuck in it when they broke it in 1982

    • Justin Jurek

      U wot m8?

      • EyemNotFree

        What? I was sexually assaulted by the boyscouts and gang raped by heroin dealing Rockford police because Hillary Clinton said I was too young to sue and my forefathers were tyrants for starting the US military 200 years prior in 1776. The Rockford police are probably still dealing heroin and I am still demanding the inquisition device removed from my back Richard Nixon and the CIA stuck there in 1982. The religious police are useless and there should be no death penalty for killing them. Violently exterminate the United States government with extreme prejudice. Arrest and execute Barrack Obama

        • Justin Jurek

          You’re either a troll, or your forgot to take your meds this morning.

          • EyemNotFree

            Violently exterminate the United States military with extreme prejudice. Hang the SCOTUS

    • H. Mueller

      I firmly believe that you did indeed have something stuck in your backside, but it wasn’t an “inquisition device”.

      • EyemNotFree

        The US Constitution is toilet paper. You are not taking my arsenal maggot.

  • Laura Milander

    Is it just me or does anyone else want to knock this stupid bitch out?

  • Henry Lester

    I live in this CRAZY city. My real name is Big Dick

    • Eddie Roz

      How does your brother Moe feel about this?

      • Henry Lester

        Moe,Larry,and Curly are just fine

  • Michael Mansfield

    Cut this Feminazi, social whiner some slack. She probably forgot to take her lithium and depakote that morning. Accidents will happen like when her monogloid parents hooked up.

  • Cadiz

    This is entirely because the current US Administration is fostering a, attitude of lawlessness by people of any minority in the USA as a tool to get out the left to vote in the upcoming election.

    • Religiondoesntmakesensebro

      You forgot to mention the fact that global warming isn’t real. If it is then it’s also Obama’s fault.

  • John Hancock

    What an incredibly stupid, irrational, shrill, histrionic, half-wit of a simpleton.

  • VOTE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    The epitome of a “toxic b***h”.

  • My goodness, what an insufferable kahunt SHE is.

  • SuaveVillain™

    This woman is trash.

  • losknor

    There are a lot of ignorant commenters on this site. Most of you dullards are blaming Hillary Clinton or liberalism because this lady has a mental illness? Even on Liberal pages she is being laughed at. When someone is wrong or nuts, that has nothing to do with politics but someone’s state of mind.
    I think some of you need to check out your own mental stability.

    • ash

      She’s fit the stereotype of a out of control leftist or SJW

    • Eddie Roz

      and what mental illness is that? She is clearly sane, however she IS a member of a LIBERAL Terrorist group BLM that loves to cry racism, sexism, homophobia at everything. Im gonna take Liberal nut job for 500 Alex.

    • The Notorious Bigot

      You say this lady has a mental illness so cannot be compared to liberals. There are credible arguments now circulating that liberalism can be defined as a mental illness.

      • losknor

        I doubt they are credible. You probably can find reports saying conservationism is a mental illness too.

  • Religiondoesntmakesensebro

    Totally Obama’s fault.

  • Ian Curtis

    My name is Hugh G. Rection.

    • Eddie Roz

      My name is Suqqa Midek, and I approve this message

  • jw

    In a perfect world the security guards would have been Dick Hertz and Mike Hunt..

    • H. Mueller

      I usually go by the name of Hugh Johnson.

  • GeneralSalt

    I really want to beat the shit out of this stupid whore. Reactionary as hell. I really want to meet her and trigger her as much as possible

  • The name’s Plissken????

    Bitch got a degree in Psychology and she’s fucking bat shit crazy! lmfao talk about fucking irony!! God damn I hate this cunt. I hope she gets ridiculed into suicide

    • H. Mueller

      If we are lucky she might protest in the middle of the highway like these subhuman retards like to do, and perhaps get flattened out to around 1 inch thick by several loaded quad axel dump trucks.

    • LeadFarmerMF

      Many people take psychology so they can manipulate others. She is clearly trying to manipulate the crowd to lynch him. She should have been charged with inciting violence.

    • Paul Abruzzo

      I’ve been with a few chicks who were psych majors and they always were the batshit crazy ones. Like clockwork. From my own experience I’ve come to believe that only batshit crazy chicks are psych majors. One of them was BPD who used to make up shit about how her father was dead and she had to go home to his funeral! Then she’d leave for the day and go fuck some other guy! hahaah Meanwhile her father was alive and well.

      She was a child psych major. Fucking insane, I tell you…

  • max g force

    She is nuts. She’s an out of control crazy person. If she pulled this shit on a city bus they would pull over and leave her on the side of the road.

  • Klwir Qldf

    She screams crime when someone dared to say something she didn’t like.
    Imagine him following her with a camera and screaming like crazy… she would attack him and scream for help.
    She is a fruitcake and people like her are the reason why the state is invading homes and privacy.

  • Frank Castle

    We need to bring back 1960’s riot cops to reestablish law and order in this country. These lunatics need to be beaten and thrown in padded cells. Enough is enough.

  • Frank Castle

    He should of said his name is Biggus. Biggus Dickus.

  • Frank Castle

    Its sexual harassment.

  • Frank Castle

    I pledge loyalty to Lord Humongous

  • Trevor

    Sometimes, I see people that make me a little ashamed to be liberal, and she is MOST DEFINITELY one of those people. Why doesn’t she fight for ACTUAL social justice, and not just things that hurt her pwecious little feewings

  • Lamb_of_God

    Immigration the gift that keeps on giving!

  • RevDrEBuzz

    He could have said Hugh Jass FYI. Maybe she would have found something in that to outrage herself.

  • Marshadar

    This lady is a complete idiot and professional victim. Deport her ass to a Sharia nation and see if she still mouths off about petty bullcrap. Did she expect the cops to arrest someone for saying their name was Hugh Mongous? Teacher, teacher…Billy was mean to me….lol she needs to get strugfugged.

  • antibogan

    hai lord hugh mungus

  • terfull


  • Stefas Dimitris


  • Triumph

    Not nearly enough police brutality in this video.

  • Churbles

    Democrats…Soros, funding, promoting indoctrination through ngos/academia…this festering cancer of crazy is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • redMac

      You are correct. Unfortunately.

  • CobraCommander

    She’s one of those attention seeking thundercunts that should be tazed, her head shaved and sent in a small box to a fleabag country where she can experience real oppression.

  • Wickedashtray

    Ive been trying to find a way to contact this c*nt but, evidently, shes too much a spineless coward to have a public twitter or email addy. What kills me is she identifies herself as a woman “of color” but shes an asian indian who, from what Ive heard, seen, understand, have nearly ZERO issues with LE and enjoy a high standard of living in the US. Very egotistical person.

  • corn

    Petition to stone her?

  • H. Mueller

    At minimum, she should have been arrested for disorderly conduct, with her harassing people and her foul language directed at several individuals. In an ideal world, she would be beaten until she learns to shut her ignorant, foul mouth and leave people alone. As long as people let harpies such as her do what she does, she will continue with her foul, vile, existence and behavior. What a vile, disgusting thing it (she) is.

  • Mark Nickle

    What an ignorant cunt

  • Donna Pelliccia

    What a stupid f*****g Bitch. She should be ashamed of herself. How dare she claim that the man “sexually harassed” her. That did not happen. For all the woman and children that are sexually violated she just made their claims less believable. Grow up you stupid arrogant Bitch.

  • hopeful8

    Who IS that crazy woman? She should have been cited with harassment, stalking, disturbing the peace. SHE is what is wrong in the world today.

  • hopeful8

    I wonder if he had said “Phil McKracken” if she would have been as equally “offended”.

  • Terry Finnerty

    I couldn’t even watch more than a few min. of this she is a psycho bitch! And yes I went there she lied from the beginning she asked him his name then screams he asked her “want to know my name” she is a disgusting pig and should be charged with harassment it’s subhumans like her that make others look bad. Her voice alone got on my nerves.

  • Keith

    a special kind of dirty snowflake.I wonder if she has sought prefessional help yet

  • Dave W

    Is it possible that this loud mouthed Bit&& could be any more obnoxious ?
    Doing everything that devious, yet underdeveloped mind, can conjure up to get some innocent S.O.B to say anything that can be used against him. I have several people in my life that are both important to me, and African American…..Go figure. Shame that I feel it important to point that out. However, I want to say that my 94 year old mother, in dementia, who lives in a nursing home, has a assigned aide who’s become a brother to me and a true son to my mom. He’s from South Africa and is one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever known. He loves my mother……an old white woman that for most her live was a bit of an Archie Bunker type racist. You know, the “I don’t have any problem with blacks, but we don’t want one next door”, crowd

  • tammie

    Someone please gag these people! Sexually harassed? Does she know what sex is? Just by saying his name is Hugh Mongus , He did not say anything sexually , she went there, he did not. She assumed, then chose to act a fool, First by filming and following someone who was not in agreement with her stance. Please go home and stop being so annoying, or at least retreat back into your safe house!

  • msunforgiven2

    2 words…Psycho Bitch…Oh No! Did I just sexually and verbally assault her!

  • vmgcjp

    LOL this woman is crazy! She put her phone in his face demanding his name I think its funny that he said! Thats what you get for being a crazy woman and putting your phone in everyones face! You reap what you sew lady!

  • u2u2u2

    This is how leftist SJWs operate. Notice that at the beginning, she identifies him as the enemy, she’s talking about him, she’s upset that the media are interviewing him. She’s waiting for the TV reporters to be done with him so she can move in. She wants to know his name, she wants to get SOMETHING on him to damage and discredit him. (Notice that she wants EVERYONE’s name, because she wants to be able to threaten them) So she goes up and wants to know his name. Guarantee, if he’d given his name, she’s have found another way to attack him. But he doesn’t give his name, he just gets cheeky and gives her a fake name that isn’t really sexual, it just sounds sort of naughty, and then only if you have a dirty mind. And then she blows it all out of proportion, and lies to the others, claiming that he came to her and asked if she wanted to know his name, as though he had intent to harass, rather than just giving a fake name as a defense against some crazy crackpot with a camera who just came up to him.

    Yes, this is what leftist SJWs like Zarna Joshi do. They don’t seek to work anything out. They seek to bully, intimidate, and destroy any opposition. Zarna Joshi would have happily prosecuted this man and given him a sex offender record that would have followed him for the rest of his life. She would have relished her ability to destroy those who dare oppose her aims. She would have exhilarated in the power she was able to wield. Actually being sexually harassed doesn’t mean anything to them. Its just an opportunity to use as a political weapon. That’s why Bill Clinton can be a serial sexual assaulter, a frequent flyer to a private underage sex slave island, and still be a hero to Third Wave Feminists. They don’t really care. it’s all about the power. Remember that, the next time you see a public figure accused by the left of some misconduct.

    • Harker

      “They seek to bully, intimidate, and destroy any opposition.”
      Sounds a lot like something Trump would do to me as well, I don’t think this is just a “leftist” issue, this is a human issue of people being ridiculously stupid. Funny how people on here on the right are taking the respectful, calm and judgemental stance, when some, if not most of the worst oppressive, intimidating and destructive governments in the history of humanity came from the right!

      • Doritos and Mountain Dew

        I notice Trump and Obama share this horrible quality. Destroy all opposition

  • Kimcalaho

    This woman is totally unhinged. She throws around words “Sexual Harassment” and creates an issue of a non-issue. Even if the man was making a mockery of her question by saying his name was Hugh Mongous, it doesn’t even amount to the level of a Sexual Battery. At best, the PD would tell her this is a civil matter and definitely not criminal in nature. Woman like her are VERY dangerous to men and to women who have experienced true “Sexual Harassment”. She needs to be in a mental ward as she definitely has “issues”.

  • Mark

    Wow, what a waste of skin!

  • Gene Splicer

    Good thing he did say he was Mike Hunt or Hugh Jass.

  • Arthro

    What are the consequences for a slime ball like this lady??? They should press charges, then sue her for defamation.

  • Eli Jones

    Even though I agree completely that this woman crazy. Come on, not all of us in Seattle are bad. =P

  • Better question is why is this woman in our country?

  • Lory Thibodeaux

    Someone please sexually harass this poor woman! And tell her your name for crying out loud!

  • craigvan

    Fortunately, the US has no ridiculous speech laws, so all she can do is annoy people.

    The ridiculous thing about this is that it was only she who immediately assumed that it was a sexual joke.
    He is guilty of telling this woman a double entendre. What idiot would think that’s illegal?

  • Heather Marie Dezomits

    Zarna, your a joke! Loud mouthed annoying pain in the ass!! You need to meet up with someone that doesn’t or isn’t obligated to deal with your childish bullshit! My names Hugh Mongous, now what?! I will out scream you and shut you down with a quickness!

  • ShlomoShunn

    Why wasn’t she arrested for disturbing the peace? Coddling BlackLiarsMurder loons just encourages them to be crazier.

  • Jay Hernandez

    Wow, imagine being married to this whack job? She’s so delusional!

  • redMac

    I was wondering who posted this if it was her that filmed it. Then I find out she posted it. The thought of her watching this and thinking it was proof of sexual harassment (or any kind of harassment) against her is scary. She really needs professional help.

  • Chris Pham

    This woman is so stupid. And the police are spineless idiots

  • LeadFarmerMF

    She’s a hypocrite. First she’s anti-police, then she demands the police do her bidding. Psycho!

  • captain_pudding

    FUCK THE POLICE! *guy makes dad joke* HELP HELP, POLICE HELP!!!

  • AlphaBeta

    *Brian Cranston voice* “Say his name” – *SJW* “H-h-hugh Mongous?” – *BC* – “Damn straight, he is”

  • whatevermeh

    She’s crazy. I think they should’ve taken her to jail for disorderly conduct.

  • Prashant Baruah

    Zarna Joshi, With Joshi as surname, upper caste hindu surname. If you cared about social justice, why would you not abandon your ‘upper caste’ identifying surname? you talk about white privilege but fails to check your own? The Brahmin community you represent is invoked in the Sanskrit verse you recites at the beginning of your lectures in other videos. Sanskrit and hindu verses being the ideology of subjugation of the lower castes in India. Why do you not abandon these expressions of religious, social, cultural imperalism? Fuck you Zarna, you may fool some white people, but not those who have been suffering in India by the community you cherish in your name, speech and actions. You do not represent the non brahmin majority or marginalized in any way.

  • Adult Stewie

    Now this, right here is bonkers….. makes BLM look even worse though. I think she did it on purpose honestly to bait into a reaction.

  • Link_Xp4444

    Oh for the love of God… Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. There, it’s been said. Now can we please just shut them down and go home already, before they try to brutally murder another African-American women via gunfire after she accidentally runs over one of the more retarded members of their organization who lacked the proper cognitive skills to wear reflective clothing at their little protest via shutting down the highway in the middle of the night? Maybe we should shut them down before they decide to burn down another bank or gas station, eh?

  • Deeptanshu Shukla

    Don’t post anything against her, she will claim you too sexually harassed her 🙂

  • Veronika Smith

    I have a number of Indian girlfriends that are nothing, nothing like her. It must be her London upbringing that made her that way. My girlfriends are very polite, conservative, and lady like. They showed me Henna tattoos and I love to wear Saris!!! <3

  • Alpaca_Male

    wha the ffffffffffffffffff

  • Tobacatastrophe

    I hope its possible to deport her over this. Also, this level of crazy is pretty much what the BLM movement represents. Overreacting to nothing. Or people looking to start a fight over nothing.

  • EnemyoftheState

    Oh dear, what a sad mental case. This is as close as she will get to any kind of sexual anything if she keeps on trying to repeat Michael Jackson’s success with her song take off – “Shriller”. What if the poor bloke had said his name was Michael Hunter?

  • Bence Tóth

    This was one of the cringiest thing i just watched… How the hell can you get offended over a fake name, when the woman just harrased the man? God give me a sign when i can understand women.

  • Mark Doldon

    She should be cited for disturbing the peace, and for filing a false claim with the police. There was no sexual harassment. He used NO sexual language, he did not refer to her in a sexual way. All he did was tell an entitled child a fake name (well, we assume it was fake). No matter how many times she harassed the guy as they walked down the hallway, he refused to bite and give her anything that COULD be defined as harassment. She in fact was the harasser, disrupting his right to move and be in the building.
    She then proceeded to demand the names of each of the security guards when they refused to go after Mr Humongous. They were Security Guards, remember, their rights include protecting the building, not arresting people on her word for a crime that does not exist.

  • Gosto de Piscina


  • Thomas Riccardi

    Hey ASSHOLE. You were NOT sexually harassed. Sexually harassment means this: harassment (typically of a woman) in a workplace, or other
    professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted
    sexual advances or obscene remarks. How the FUCK is someone who wants to get out of the building and NOT be harassed (and you were inciting violence against this guy.. so stfu) be sexual harassment? Really? You are a fucking moron.

  • This is proof that she just needs a stiff dick up her ass. Or a good old fashion 3 day fucking. What ever will work.

  • tirasangue

    If i had omnipotence i would make sure she lived in a world where everyone was named “Heul Mongus”.

  • ZeroStressLevel

    actual autism lol

  • Mitchell Shane Fickes

    Too bad someone didn’t nightstick her in the throat. Dumb cunt.

  • LiamTheMaggot

    this is fucking stupid

  • Andrey Guliganov

    just shut up. So much shouting for nothing. Stupid girl. Why did u use so many filthy words?

  • DF86

    This is another good example why we need to start culling the human populace

  • mattinacan

    cops are definitely out of control in this country, but this bitch is straight crazy

  • Bitch just needs Hugh Mungus D

    Jesus christ what is this bitch doing getting so goddamn offended by poor Hugh’s name. This is why America is going to shit because far too many of these self-absorbed deluded people think crap like being “offended” at someone’s joke is something that others should take seriously. Meanwhile Obama uses the distraction to pump more mind control drugs into our water supply. GG feminism

  • Shank Henry

    JEEZ the patience of you fellers! She needs to be arrrrrreeeessssteed!

    Do we really need more Brit-accented harridan imports to tell us our bidness! GO HOME CHICA LOCA!

  • zend

    someone needs to go to a mental hospital

  • maria_lily

    What the fuck. She has to be thrown into prison for causing public disturbance.

  • Sarah

    He is humongous now as an internet meme.

  • NegativeBackflow

    The fact that this idiot hasn’t realized she’s overreacting to a Fat Guy joke she didn’t understand is just absolutely hilarious.

  • Annabelle Smith
  • Simon Knight

    hugh mongous

  • Tee Rump

    What a C

  • Capital_7

    She’s some kind of an asshole. If she’d made a serious, non-insane complaint, I’m sure the little creep would have been shown the door, end of story. Nope. She has to make a huge scene, and insult everyone within a block radius.

    Oh, and cops suck.

  • JallopyMacfurry

    She was trying to destroy, publicly, a man who was there in context of the fact that he had recently been through hell on earth from nearly losing his daughter to drug addiction. The reason he went through ‘hell’, is because he loves his daughter, a female. Leftists are monsters. #LeftistsAreHeartless

  • doseofcommonsense

    My 13 year old son showed me this video. She certainly made an impression…

  • im lost

    sometimes you have to protect people from their own stupidity

  • Jimmy Wilhelmssohn

    Our cops in Asheville will zoom in like a swarm of hornets, 3 or 4 cruisers with 2 per cruiser, if a woman abusing the 911 system calls saying she’s being harassed by a man, but in the same neighborhood when an armed robbery is in progress they’re too busy popping ‘roids, lifting weights, and talking that ol’ locker room talk about last night’s conquest. After two dud chiefs in a row and a series of high-level corruption scandals, we got a new chief who maybe will convert this horde of rogues into a legitimate police force.

  • Christian

    Come´on, it was pretty funny! Hugh Mangus! 😛 Why would you make a false statement about him for being funny? 🙁

  • Alejandro


    this girl is so funny.

  • fkin feminazies

  • Frank and beans

    Dam, she really needs medical help. She is a menace to society and it won’t be long till her lies do damage to someone’s. life.

  • Aaron

    An absolutely unbalanced individual. She goes after that man and everyone else for that matter in such an aggressive manner, that I can’t believe she wasn’t arrested for disorderly conduct.

    Talk about “priveledge”.

  • JSpicoli

    He should have told her his name was Adolph Oliver Muff

  • kthomp1123

    Can’t wait til the day comes…

  • Le Penseur

    DISSSSSSSGUSTING ! DISSSSSSSSSSSSSSGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the__sp00ned

    Ethan Klein from H3H3 also spoke to the man who was in this video. He is literally the greatest guy on the planet.

  • Ardent

    She’s genuinely crazy

  • gnorfel

    Why has not this “woman” been prosecuted for harassment and slander…?
    Perhaps Hugh Mungus forgot to pay his membership card to “white male privilege”-club?
    …or is it perhaps yet another clear example of gynocentrism? aka – female privilege.

  • Clem Snide

    That woman will hopefully never pick a male as crazy as herself to pull that kind of stunt on, because she could end up badly hurt.
    But loonies have an instinct for picking rational, stable types to harass. So until she dies of complications related to obesity, we all must put up with her stupidity. Yay

  • rn

    That woman is bat shit crazy!

  • Phor Ohfour

    She commits blatant defamation in this video.

  • TheGreatestManWhoEverLived

    Everyone knows his real name is Mike Oxlong


  • Xephon

    Imagine what would have happened if the guy said his name was Heywood Jablowme.

  • Windygirl

    How can we make her deportable? What? The word for the day is “Deportables”!

  • Jem

    lmao at Hugh Mongous