Injured Baton Rouge Officers’ Crowdfunding Page Shut Down by YouCaring for ‘Promoting Discord’

YouCaring has shut down the crowdfunding pages for injured Baton Rouge area police officers.

YouCaring has shut down the crowdfunding pages for injured Baton Rouge area police officers.

YouCaring Shuts Down Officers’ Crowdfunding Pages

Baton Rouge, LA – The crowdfunding site YouCaring has removed a fundraising page for injured Baton Rouge area police officers saying that they don’t allow campaigns which “promote discord.”

According to PBS, Donna Grodner is an attorney who has filed two federal lawsuits against Black Lives Matter and some of its organizers on behalf of two injured Baton Rouge area officers. She created a page on the YouCaring web site to help raise funds for the injured officers.

On its web site, YouCaring describes itself as “compassionate crowdfunding,” “optimized for success.” YouCaring’s services are free, and it also claims to be the “leader in free online fundraising.”

YouCaring is frequently used by Black Lives Matter to raise funds.

It seems that YouCaring cares more about Black Lives Matter than injured police officers, and they removed the officers’ crowdfunding page.

In an email, Maly Ly, chief marketing officer for YouCaring, told PBS, “In alignment with our mission, we removed this fundraiser because it was not within our community guidelines around promoting harmony.”

Black Lives Matter’s violent anti-police rhetoric appears to fall within those community guidelines, since the site allows their fundraisers.

Ly said that YouCaring’s decision to remove the officers’ fundraising page was made because “we exist to empower people and communities to rally positive financial, emotional, and social support.  While different viewpoints are a part of life, you should make efforts to ensure that the content of your fundraiser does not promote discord.”

In a search on their website, more than 49 fundraisers associated with Black Lives Matter can be found.  They include fundraisers for ‘BLMLA Youth Activist Camp and Resistance Space’, ‘Black Lives Matter for the Women’s March on Washington’, and the ‘Louisville Community Bail Fund.’

Grodner set up the officers’ YouCaring page to raise $20,000 for expenses.  With the YouCaring campaign removed, she created a GoFundMe page for the officers’ expenses.

Grodner has filed two lawsuits against Black Lives Matter on behalf of the officers. In the first lawsuit, with an unnamed Baton Rouge police officer, it states that he was injured by debris during the “Weekend of Rage,” a riot organized by Black Lives Matter, and specifically leader Deray McKesson, according to the lawsuit.

It said that Black Lives Matter ‘incited violence,’ and did not try to calm the crowds.  That lawsuit is on hold, waiting for a judge to decide if Black Lives Matter can be sued as an ‘entity.’

In the second lawsuit, Baton Rouge Police Officer Nick Tullier was shot and critically injured by a terrorist inspired by Black Lives Matter.  Officer Tullier almost died when he was shot three times. Three BRPD officers, Montrell Jackson, Brad Garafola, and Matthew Gerald were assassinated in the attack where six officers were shot.

Officer Tullier is still in a Houston rehab trying to recover, and is permanently disabled.

The lawsuits state that McKesson and others from Black Lives Matter targeted police for violence, and openly caused the assassination of police officers.  On the GoFundMe page, Grodner said that the money will help “hold them responsible for the injuries they caused, whether in whole or in part through its [anti]-police agenda.”

Do you think that YouCaring is showing an anti-police bias by allowing Black Lives Matter to raise funds, but not allowing the injured police officers to raise funds? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.