VIDEO: Woman Forced Toddler To Get High On Marijuana

A woman blows marijuana smoke in a toddler's face.

A woman blows marijuana smoke in a toddler’s face.

VIDEO: Woman Forced Toddler To Get High On Marijuana

A viral video was posted to Facebook recently. The video shows a group of adults smoking a joint in front of a small toddler. A woman in the video can be seen blowing smoke in the face of the toddler multiple times. At one point, the toddler turns away from the women in obvious disgust. After her attempts, she can be seen laughing about it as if it is just a funny situation.

Police on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation close to Pocatello, Idaho, have arrested two of the women depicted in the video. They were arrested on child endangerment charges after the atrocious post went viral. Warrants are currently being issued for the remaining adults that were present when the incident occurred. The fact that they did not try to stop the ridiculously ignorant crime from occurring, is appalling to say the least.

Understandably, America is currently on the fence with marijuana legalization, but any respectable adult with any semblance of morals, would find this to be an arrest-worthy crime. The original post contains hundreds of concerned comments that show just how aberrant the behavior exhibited by all parties involved is.

While marijuana may not be the most dangerous substance known to man, it certainly is not something that should be around children let alone blown deliberately into their faces with the intent to get them high.

The National Poison Database System shows that marijuana exposure among children aged 5 and younger rose more than 147 percent nationwide from 2006 through 2013, and that’s right before legalization really started to take off.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts:

Is this acceptable? Is this something that you agree should be considered child abuse? We certainly think it should. All decent people should recognize this as abuse, even if they smoke marijuana themselves. What do you think?