Wisconsin Senator Calls For Investigation Into Graphic Student Video Depicting Beheading Of Police As Pigs

Senator Steve Nass wants the creators of this beheading video to be investigated for inciting violence against police.

Senator Steve Nass wants the creators of this beheading video to be investigated for inciting violence against police.

Video Shows Depiction Of Beheaded Police, Represented By A Pig

Madison, WI – A University of Wisconsin – Madison student has released a highly controversial video that incites deadly violence against police officers.

Eneale Pickett, the creator of the video, released the video to promote his clothing line, according to Channel 3000.  He said that the video reflects his views of police brutality and racism.

In Pickett’s video, police officers are shown as pigs, and beheaded at the end.  A black person is led to a noose made of an American flag, and it is  placed around his neck.

Also in the video, people wear sweatshirts with statements on Pickett’s views of police brutality and racism.  The messages include “Fuck the police, they the biggest gang in Amerikkka” and “I would ask for justice but she is helping the cops burn my body”.

Parts of a speech from President Trump after the riot at Charlottesville are also included.

Steve Nass, Republican state Senator, said that the video is “racist.”  He also said, “It’s vile, anti-police. Unbelievable, quite frankly, when I first saw it”, according to 12ABC WISN.

Senator Nass has asked UW-Madison officials to start a full investigation.  He said, “Is this free speech? This is not free speech when you’re inciting violence. This is like yelling fire in a crowded theater.”

In a statement, the University of Wisconsin-Madison said in part “UW-Madison strives to provide a welcoming and inclusive campus environment, while allowing everyone to share ideas and political views in exercise of their free speech rights. However, the university strongly condemns the glorification of violence such as that contained in the promotion of a student-produced clothing line.”

Senator Nass said, “I think the school needs to do everything under their administrative rules. If it were up to me, Steve Nass, I’d kick them out of school, tell them goodbye. You’re wasting space for good students who want to obey the law and not incite violence.”

This is not Pickett’s first attempt at creating attention for his “clothing line.”  In 2016, he made hoodies that said “All white people are racist.”

University of Wisconsin-Madison police took the high road, and said, “We do not agree with the message ,but we appreciate and respect people’s opinions and their right to free speech. UWPD is not investigating the video as no crimes have been committed.”

You can see the video below and then let us know in the comments if you think that this is inciting violence against police. WARNING: Disturbing Content.