IN PROGRESS: White Supremacists Scuffle With Patriots At ‘Battle Of New Orleans’

Based Centurion after he was attacked at the Battle of New Orleans

Based Centurion after he was attacked at the Battle of New Orleans.

White Supremacists Continue To Be Assholes

New Orleans, Louisana – As opposing groups are gathering for the Battle of New Orleans, a group of hostile white supremacists have been causing problems on the patriot side.

While yelling at patriots, ranting about jews, and calling patriots cucks, at least one group of white supremacists is not trying to blend in with the patriots who are trying to protect the civil war monuments.

One man, dubbed “Based Centurion” by Baked Alaska, appeared to be beaten by the white supremacists at Lee Circle.

Based Centurion, wearing an american flag cape and roman centurion armor, claimed that he was trying to show unity and and diversity by taking a picture with a black man when the white supremacists attacked him.

The white supremacists claim that Based Centurion approached them and said that their “Confederate flags” were offensive; the group was seen waving southern nationalist black cross flags. The white supremacists then claimed “Captain America” who’s “totally a Jew” “attacked” them, and they defended themselves by punching him in the face until the police had to break up the altercation.

Afterwards, the white supremacists continued to go on more rants about the Jews. They continue to yell racial slurs at any patriots who try to tell them that they aren’t helping, and they’re making the group look bad.

Besides a few scouts, Antifa has still not shown up near the areas where the white supremacists and patriot have gathered, besides a few scouts. An estimated 400 Antifa anarchists are estimated to be in the area heading to Congo square.

New Orleans Police Department have announced that all weapons and masks have been banned. Anybody who comes to the event with weapons or wearing masks are subject to arrest. The rules are being enforced and appear to have greatly calmed the situation.

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