White Hipster Attacks Both Nature and Blue Ribbons to Protest Blue Lives Matter

White Hipster Attacks Both Blue Ribbons and Nature to Protest Blue Lives Matter

After the Dallas shootings, a group of police families in a New York neighborhood hung up blue ribbons to honor our heroes. A white hipster, seen sporting a beard and pink shorts, was captured on video tearing down the ribbons while screaming “Black Lives Matter.”  The hipster, later identified as Stephen Varvaro, can be seen ripping down the ribbons and disdainfully tossing them on the ground, filling his community with litter after his acts of vandalism. This man is an animal.

We are both shocked and appalled by Varvaro’s littering, and his sense of “fashion.”

After the video was posted to Facebook,Ted & Co Salon, Varvaro’s prior work place, began to receive harassing calls about his behavior. The salon would like to stress that Varvaro no longer works there. Rumor is that he quit his job to receive support from the government (Editor’s Note: We’re just making that up, but it wouldn’t surprise us.)

Varvaro later agreed to a phone interview with The Advance where he said the following:

“I know that what I did was wrong,” said Varvaro “Tearing the ribbons down was the wrong thing to do. It was disrespectful.”

Varvaro continued to explaining, “what I thought they meant was to hell with Black Lives Matter.  I assumed, I was hasty, I acted in anger. I didn’t see blue when I saw the blue ribbons, I saw red and I was angry and I lost control.”

Varvaro stressed, “I’m in no way against Blue Lives Matter.”

Will pink shorts guy ever receive a fine for littering? Why does he hate the environment? What about the vandalism? Check back for… Actually, we’re never going to cover this guy again.

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