We’ve Got to Start Thinking As Americans

Brunell Donald-Kyei

We’ve Got to Start Thinking As Americans

Hi everyone, let’s talk about racism.

First off, this isn’t intended to be a Trump fluff peace. The video you can watch below just had some really good points in it made by Brunell Donald-Kyei. I will admit though that I am probably voting for Trump. Some people might say that automatically makes me a racist. I hear that every day though, so go ahead and tweet me your thoughts like my other fans

Haters gonna hate

Haters gonna hate

If you didn’t read the “Race War” article, go ahead and check that out. I explained exactly why Dallas cop Demetrick Pennie is suing black lives matter and George Soros. Soros, the white billionaire who has called himself a god before, gave 33 million dollars to a black organization that does nothing more than bring black people down. He definitely didn’t throw millions at Black Lives Matter out of the goodness of his heart.

That article had nothing to do with bashing black people, yet I still had people tweeting and messaging me some pretty awful things. If you can’t tell what the media is doing when it comes to blacks and whites, then you are blind as hell.

In Brunell Donald-Kyei‘s interview on the news, she states “we have got to stop thinking as black, white purple, and Arab, and start thinking as Americans”. I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

Since every time I mention facts and statistics I’m called a racist, let’s get a little personal. This was a fellow officer and still a very good friend of mine

police racism

We talk to each other a few times a week. We talk about how stupid white people act, we talk about how stupid black people act. I called him up last week to ask about this new term I heard from the Charlotte riots called “cooning”. We laughed about it, made fun of each other, and made plans to get together soon.

Do you know why we talk to each other like this? Because we see each other as Americans. He doesn’t look at me as a white guy, and I don’t look at him as a black guy. We may talk about race issues, but deep down we’re both Americans and we understand that.

It’s not police vs. black people. It’s not Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter. It’s calm the hell down and start helping each other out instead of listening to all the garbage you hear on the TV and the internet.