Watch Megyn Kelly Destroy D.L. Hughley

Watch Megyn Kelly destroy D.L. Hughley

Watch Megyn Kelly destroy D.L. Hughley

Watch Megyn Kelly Destroy D.L. Hughley

Actor, comedian, and Black Lives Matter activist, D.L. Hughley recently went on the Kelly File to discuss racism and American policing. The interview quickly escalated due to D.L.’s combative temper and penchant for ignorance. During the interview, Hughley insults Fox News, sarcastically saying that the only places racism doesn’t seem to exist are Fox News and police departments. Watch the interview below:

If you could sit through that, then you probably realized how absolutely terrible Hughley’s arguments were. Credit to Megyn Kelly for staying as calm and professional as she did. Watching the uncomfortable exchange almost made me feel bad for Hughley because Kelly took out every leg he had to stand on. This is the type of blind ignorance that we as police have to deal with day in and day out.

When celebrities choose to use their status to influence the impressionable minds of their followers, we end up with a dangerous situation. Celebrities are masters of manipulating public opinion through their status alone. Through the use of their status, public speeches on topics they may or may not have any knowledge of, and ignorant propaganda, they are able to mold the will of ordinary people into their image. Well funded sensationalist groups, like Black Lives Matter, know this well and take full advantage without a second thought. Reference Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys and many others…

Watching Megyn Kelly Destroy D.L. Hughley on such a grand stage did provide some solid and gratifying entertainment.  It is a shame that more celebrities cannot come out and speak the truth. Charles Barkley is a rare example of this.  We have the absolute utmost respect for him and any other celebrity with the fortitude to not fear the politically motivated beast that is Black Lives Matter.

  • WindyGirly

    Perfectly illustrates don’t take a knife to a gunfight.

    Your website SUCKS because of the popup/unders. Find another way to get advertising please.

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  • Gio

    This is why things will never get better, because everyone is sticking to their story and refuses to listen to the other side, for what I gather, police are all Heroes and angels and Blacks are all misunderstood angels trying to get a break, we can’t all be fucking angels, lets get back to reality for a second, the nation is going down one of the worst paths it could possibly find, and it’s going to be hard to bounce back up from this one, true it has never been perfect, but we made progress, just because your struggles today seem bad, does not mean they are worse than the struggles of those before you, pick up a damn history book, the PC culture isn’t helping with this issue either, they rather hide behind a false reality than to face the truth, how are the new generations supposed to learn from past mistakes if we insist in pretty much pretending none of it ever happened, its like the PC machine is trying to erase it and its only adding fuel to the fire.