WATCH: Antifa Riots, Destroys Civil War Monument – Now Moving On PD

Antifa destroyed a civil war monument in Durham on Monday.

Antifa destroyed a civil war monument in Durham on Monday.

Antifa Riot In Durham – Destroy Monument

Durham, NC – An Antifa march in Durham turned to rioting Monday night as the crowd pulled down and destroyed a civil war monument (video below.)

The Antifa group, carrying signs that say “Cops & Clan Go Hand In Hand” moved on the confederate soldier statue outside of the courthouse and pulled it down.

The metal statue, which has stood since 1924, folded over when it hit the ground. People in the group then took turns punching and kicking the metal statue which didn’t end well for them because metal is harder than body parts.

ABC 11 reports that after toppling the statue, the group has started moving to march on the Durham Police headquarters.

Law enforcement does not appear to have a heavy presence and the officers appear to be trailing behind as Antifa blocks roadways.

Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization which has a history of vandalism and assaults, which include throwing explosives, bricks, and glass bottles full of nails at police.

Antifa consists of people who largely believe in committing acts of violence against “Nazis.” This is something that most people would generally be willing to look the other way on, except their definition of “Nazi” or fascism is fairly loose.

Anybody who is simply perceived to be a supporter of President Donald Trump is labeled as a Nazi or fascist, and subject to being attacked unprovoked.

Antifa has been involved in rioting in multiple cities across America during the past few months. During these riots, they have beaten people simply perceived to be Trump supporters, along with throwing rocks, bricks, glass bottles, and explosives at them.

You can see the video of the statue going down below:

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