Man Breaks Into Officer’s Home, Wins New Bullet Wound

A Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Police Officer shot a home-invader.

A Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Police Officer shot a home-invader.

Man Breaks Into Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Officer’s Home, Wins New Bullet Wound.

Laurel, MD – An off-duty police officer with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission was surprised to find somebody breaking into his home on Sunday afternoon. The suspect was likely more surprised than the officer was, after he gained a new bullet wound for his efforts.

The burglary suspect was shot in the arm and has been arrested. The suspect’s injuries are not life-threatening, so he will be able to appear before a judge without too much of a delay.

Prince George’s County Police are investigating the incident. The media is reporting that so far, Prince George’s County Police Department is refusing the identify the race of the officer or suspect. That means that out of all of the possible details that the media could want on this incident, the media is not only specifically asking for the race of the officer and suspect, but they feel that it’s important to point out that they weren’t given the information.

An officer was forced to defend their life in their own home from a home-invader, and the media already wants to make this incident about race.

Prince George’s County Police Department will be releasing more details on the shooting later today, and we certainly hope that the media will not continue to focus on race while reporting the incident.

  • bws001

    So if the officer was not white and suspect was not black does this mean it’s a justifiable shoot.. But if the officer was white and the suspect black it’s not???

    Look you break into my house while I’m there, you will get shot… I don’t care what color, race or religion you are… You will have under 2 seconds to turn around and leave.. After that You will will pray to god once I pull out my 1911 and will be bleeding red shortly thereafter.


    If more homeowners were trained in the proper use of a firearm, there would be more dead and wounded suspects instead of homeowners becoming victims.