Warwick, New York Community Outraged Over Thin Blue Line

Warwick, NY is divided over the blue line on their road.

Warwick, NY is divided over the blue line on their road.

Warwick, New York Divided Over Blue Line

Warwick, New York – The city of Warwick was outraged over a thin blue line painted down the center of a street in town.

The blue line, which was originally painted on Railroad Avenue in October, was created to show the town’s support of police officers. However, it caused such controversy that an online petition was established for it’s removal citing “abuse of power” in the shootings of unarmed black men across the nation.

The newly proposed solution, of painting a red and white line alongside of the blue, was decided during a “standing room only” meeting, Monday night, at the town’s Village Hall. However, the solution has people on both sides upset.

ABC7 reports, “I was kind of in shock that Warwick would put it there because I just know how many people right now, because of the newer meaning behind it, to a lot of people, can be hurtful,” said community activist, Danielle Barbour.

Others strongly objected to the solution. “What’s wrong with the blue line, really, what’s wrong with the blue line? We support the police, period,” said Donna Roberts, a local Orange County resident.

Ironically, the police were called-in to oversee the heated situation at the Village Hall.

The Mayor, Michael J. Newhard, reportedly told the crowd that the newly painted red, white, and blue center lines will remain indefinitely.

Similar blue lines have been painted on various streets across the nation, including New Jersey, where residents have also voiced their opinions.

Police Chief, Rodney J. Sawyer, of the Mantua Township in New Jersey, said in an email to NJ.com, the blue line also represents camaraderie and unity between officers. “It represents the solidarity displayed within the professions when a law enforcement officer makes the ultimate sacrifice … It’s the thin blue line in the midst of tragedy that rushes in as others rush out.”

While the thin blue line may not have lasted on the streets of Warwick, it certainly has made an impressions on those who risk their lives, daily, to protect and serve their communities.

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