Wanted Man Tried Using $2,000 Disguise To Throw Off Police


Something seems a bit off…. (photo courtesy of ATF)

Wanted Man Tried Using $2,000 Disguise To Throw Off Police

Cape Cod, MA – When Yarmouth Police went looking for wanted subject Shaun Miller aka Shizz Miller, they found an elderly man instead. But, something just wasn’t quite right.

Shaun “Shizz” Miller had been running from authorities for several months after being indicted for heroin distribution. When authorities arrived at the residence where he was expected to be, they found an elderly man that looked a lot like “Shizz”. It turns out “Shizz” was wearing a $2,000 suit that made him look several years older:

After “Shizz” was taken into custody, Cape Cod SWAT found $30,000 in cash and two loaded guns. This all stemmed from local and federal authorities investigation into the “Nauti-Block” street gang, which hilariously sounds like an off-brand boy band.

Cape Cod Times reported back in April on the Nauti-Block street gang, stating that they are a major drug trafficking organization that primarily deals heroin. Law enforcement officers recently arrested 12 members of the Naudi-Bloc gang on charges ranging from trafficking to murder.

Nice try “Shizz”, but you’re no Johnny Knoxville.