WATCH: Five Videos That Define The Inauguration Riots

Five Trump inauguration riot videos.

Five Trump inauguration riot videos.

Inauguration Riot Videos

On the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, we saw violent rioting in the streets as anarchists were used a presidential election as a reason to destroy and lash out violently. Many of these events were caught on camera.

5. Inauguration Rioters Destroy Everything They Can Get Their Hands On

Not much needs to be said about this one. Inauguration day rioters were indiscriminate in what they destroyed.

4. Mother Brings Her Child To The Front Lines Of A Riot, Blames Police For Child Getting Hit With Pepper Spray

This disturbing video shows that a woman brought her child to the front lines of a riot as officers were trying to force rioters back. This was no person accidentally in the area. Police just herded the crowd of rioting anarchists down this street, and had almost 100 of them trapped (see in the background.) The people on the front lines were attacking police officers and demanding that the captured rioters get released.

The internet riot sympathizers immediately blamed the police rather than the mother. Do you think that the mother should be charged with child abuse?

3. White Supremacist Richard Spencer Gets Punched In The Face

We aren’t too familiar with Richard Spencer, but he sounds like he’s about on the same level as Black Lives Matter. Somebody used an opportunity while he was being interviewed to sucker-punch him.

2. Inauguration Limo Fire

A man watched helplessly while his livelihood was destroyed.

1. DC Metropolitan Police Attacked

During the protest officers had feces, explosives, glass bottles full of nails, bricks, and all manner of other things thrown at them. This video offers just a glimpse of the violence.

+1. The Anguish Of All Of The Anti-Trump Crowd Displayed On One Face

This one’s not exactly a riot video, but it’s one of the best videos of the inauguration. Video captured the moment when President Donald Trump was officially the U.S. President.

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