VIDEO: Police Get Death Threats After Arrest Posted on YouTube

A man who had eight warrants issued on him since May 17 claimed on YouTube police harassed him. Police received death threats so they gave their version.

Man Arrested Had Eight Warrants Issued Against Him Since May

West St. Paul, Minnesota – The West St. Paul Police Department says it is getting death threats after arresting a man who has had eight warrants issued on him since May 17 and refused to identify himself (video below.)

The man recorded his arrest June 7 and posted it on YouTube. He said in the video that he was illegally detained and harassed by police for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk.

West St. Paul police said that wasn’t the full story and responded with a lengthy response with the details of the case.

The police said their officers were at a community event with many young children and saw a man riding a bike on the apartment complex grounds, watching the children with no apparent purpose.

One of the officers believed that he knew the man on the bike, that he didn’t live in the apartment complex, and that he had been convicted for crimes of violence.

Police later said the man had two restraining orders out against him from two separate people and an active arrest warrant.

One of the officers made contact with the man on the bike and asked for his identity so that he could confirm his active warrants.

After refusing to provide his information after numerous requests, the man was arrested for obstructing the legal process.

Once the arrest was made, the officer confirmed the man’s identity. The active warrant was not yet available on the computer database. The man was released at the scene and later charged with obstructing the legal process and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the video of the arrest was posted by Devin Jerry Riley who goes by “Cosmic Hustle.”

“This officer came and harassed me for no reason,” the man says in the video. “I do not need an ID to be on the sidewalk on a sunny day. I did nothing wrong. I suspect this is an assault. I don’t know why I am being detained.”

He then shows off his lack of knowledge about police by claiming that the officer is required to show three forms of identification.

The video shows a defiant Devin Riley refusing to identify himself. At one point in the video, Riley is heard yelling for help and asking bystanders to call 9-1-1.

Other videos uploaded by “Cosmic Hustle” include one titled “f*** the police” that was uploaded a year ago.

The newspaper reported that Riley is scheduled to appear July 13 in Dakota County District Court on the charges.

Watch the video here: