VIDEO: Brawl Breaks Out With Hundreds Of White Nationalists And Counter-Protesters

Police chased down one person after violence broke out at the "Unite The Right" rally on Friday night.

Police chased down one person after violence broke out at the “Unite The Right” rally on Friday night.

VIDEO: Brawl At Friday Night ‘Unite The Right’

Charlottesville, VA – A massive white nationalist rally which was scheduled for Saturday got off to an early start on Friday night as the white nationalists rallied with tiki torches at the University of Virginia Jefferson Statue.

A massive fight broke out between the white nationalists and counter-protesters, but under the cover of darkness, it wasn’t clear how the scuffle got started (video below.)

Hundreds of white nationalists had gathered with their tiki torches chanting “white lives matter,” and “you will not replace us,” in apparent reference to “white genocide,” which is the idea that the “white race” will be slowly eliminated through diversity.

White counter-protesters chanted “Black Lives Matter,” which ironically, is a group that openly promotes black nationalism.

While the white nationalists were doing their chanting, there was a giant scuffle and reports of white nationalists getting attacked as well as hitting people using the torches.

Several torches could be seen getting thrown. Considering that the torches are on fire and filled with liquid fuel, they could potentially be a deadly weapon if one were to burst on impact.

The “Unite The Right” rally scheduled for Saturday is a white nationalist gathering with known white supremacists and white nationalist groups such as the KKK in attendance.

Black nationalist groups, such as the Black Panthers, and other domestic terrorists such as Antifa have vowed to be present. Both sides are encouraging their people to come armed.

The Charlottesville police, however, are being told that they are supposed to be standing around without long guns and just hope that everybody doesn’t murder each other.

Historically, at rallies attended by groups like Antifa, most of the violence comes from Antifa attacking people they disagree with. Most of these events are rallies attended largely by patriots who are non-violent, with a small number of white nationalists.

An notable exception was in May at the “Battle of New Orleans” where white supremacists with the League of the South were proactive in assaulting people. Also, in June 2016, left-wing domestic terrorist organization BAMN confronted white supremacists and 7 people were stabbed.

The difference in those two rallies from patriot rallies was the large presence of white supremacists, your traditional violent racists, who are now present in Charlottesville.

Hopefully we will get through Saturday without anybody killing each other.

You can see the video of Friday night’s brawl below. Warning – Language. via @RealAlexRubi: