VIDEO: Suicidal Suspect Gets Taken Down With Headshot While Trying To Tase Officer

Bodycam video shows that Cody O'Bryan was fatally shot after trying to fire a Taser at police.

Bodycam video shows that Cody O’Bryan was fatally shot after trying to fire a Taser at police.

Video Of Cody O’Bryan Shooting At Las Vegas UMC

Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas Metro PD has released bodycam video showing the fatal officer-involved shooting of Cody Leighland O’Bryan at University Medical Center (video below.)

The incident started on September 24 when Cody O’Bryan, 31, called 911 saying that he was armed with a loaded pistol with nine rounds of ammunition. On the call he said that police were going to have to kill him or take him to jail.

Officers arrived and found O’Bryan unconscious near a bus stop.

Officer Rybacki arrested O’Bryan on an outstanding felony warrant.

When Officer Rybacki arrived at Clark County Detention Center, he was told that O’Bryan would need a medical clearance due to his extreme level of intoxication. O’Bryan was then taken to University Medical Center.

When it was determined that O’Bryan would have to stay in the hospital for a while, it was arranged that a corrections officer would come relieve Officer Rybacki.

A corrections officer arrived with a duty bag containing a Taser, shackles, and police radio which was meant for another corrections officer who was to arrive and take over guarding O’Bryan. The corrections officer placed the bag in the room with O’Bryan while O’Bryan was fully shackled to a gurney.

O’Bryan then urinated on himself, and Officer Rybacki unshackled him and helped him change out of his urine-soaked gown.

The corrections officer on scene then put the duty bag under the sink in the room and left.

While O’Bryan was laying on the bed, with one leg shackled to the bed, Officer Rybacki left the room.

While Officer Rybacki was out of the room, O’Bryan found the duty bag and pulled out the Taser, putting it on the floor next to him, out of sight.

Officer Rybacki returned to the room, and moved the duty bag outside, not realizing that O’Bryan had already taken the Taser out. A nurse and security guard arrived to help the officer get O’Bryan back onto the bed, then O’Bryan pointed the Taser at the security guard and Officer Rybacki.

Officer Rybacki side-stepped out of the room, issued orders for O’Bryan to drop the Taser, and stepped back into the room with his gun drawn.

O’Bryan pointed the Taser at Officer Rybacki and pulled the trigger. The Taser didn’t fire because O’Bryan didn’t activate the safety switch which turns the Taser on.

Officer Rybacki pointed his gun at O’Bryan’s head and pulled the trigger. The gun fired because Glocks don’t have safety switches. O’Bryan was fatally shot once in the head.

Officer Rybacki activated his body camera immediately after the shooting, which allows the past 30 seconds of video to be saved without sound.

Less-lethal weapons, such as Taser and pepper spray, are generally considered lethal weapons when used against police. These weapons are capable of incapacitating an officer, which would give the suspects access to the officer’s weapons.

In other words, trying to pepper spray or Taser a police officer is usually a good way to get shot.

Officials acknowledge that mistakes were made in leaving Cody O’Bryan alone in a situation where he had access to weapons.

“There will never be another duty bag placed in a room with a prisoner at the hospital,” Assistant Clark County Sheriff Todd Fasulo said.

Immediately after the shooting, Metro changed its policy to prohibit duty bags in a hospital room where an inmate is present.

Existing policy already prohibits leaving detainees alone.

The shooting is still under investigation.

You can see the video of the shooting below. WARNING: Graphic Footage.