Video: Immigration Protesters Shriek, ‘They Hurt Me!’ As They Learn Firsthand What Capsaicin Is

Tucson Immigration protesters got pepper-sprayed by police.

Tucson Immigration protesters got pepper-sprayed by police.

Video Of Tucson Immigration Protesters Meeting Pepper Spray

Tucson, Arizona – An immigration protest in Tucson ended in wails of agony from several protesters as officers used pepper-spray to clear the road.

Immigration protesters had taken to unlawfully blocking traffic. Officers tried to reason with them to clear the road, but some wouldn’t move. It appears that some of the protesters started to push the officers, and that’s when officers appear to have busted out the OC spray.

In the video you can see the protesters’ wails of agony. Normally, I’d feel sorry for anybody who gets sprayed, but anybody who illegally blocks traffic and then assaults officers is just bringing it on themselves.

You can see the video here:

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  • barbwh

    Stand in the street, block traffic, disobey orders from the police, and yes, you may get hurt!

  • hosneg

    A little pepper spray is good for you. I’ve been sprayed several times. It’s even good on Mexican food if used sparingly.

    Break the law, don’t follow orders, get special service.

  • Bob Vandermark

    For every action there is a reaction if you don’t like the consequences of your actions….. grow up!!!

  • Richard Edward John Baranowski

    Their Wails of Agony are music to my ears, like a sweet and soothing lullaby.

  • Jim Beam

    Well then, maybe next time they will listen to a lawful police order. God Bless Pepper Spray.

  • Paul Campbell

    I can’t stop laughing…What a bunch of loosers…Help Me… Help Me… LMAO…maybe you’d of been safe if you’d of been wearing your stupid snowflake safety pin…

    • Lawman49

      Better than getting blasted by a car! Stupid people!


      Chalk. They should have brought chalk along and drawn circles around themselves and declare them “safe zones”.

  • Traci

    LOL! Stay out of the road, you whiny little bitches! HAHAHAHA!!!

  • duder1897

    Heeelp! My bellyfat is out! Heelp!

  • Felix McN

    In my opinion they should have shot them they are nothing but liberal scum!

  • HeavyCream



    should have used CS grenades get more people with a single blast lol


    well done officers

  • speakto me

    She has too much wind if she can scream like that. Spray her again!

  • ♠Reverand Invidia Absit

    Looks like a party to me…

  • Tigerlady

    Boo Frickin Hoo. Your peaceful protest can’t include pushing a cop. Stop breaking the law. Kudos to the officers who dragged that mountain of a woman as she screamed “they hurt me”. Sorry but I laughed out loud.

  • Mary Hawkins

    Did they really think that putting women in front would stop the police from enforcing the law?

  • Marcy James

    They’re lucky they didn’t get shot.

  • Cathy Sternberg Wixson

    Lol couldn’t stop laughing. That big woman screaming help me as cops we’re trying to carry her off the road. Drama queen lol! Break the law and there are consequences so don’t block the road😠

  • Mannie

    That was definitely a LMAO video.

    … And to hear the lamentations of their women.

  • Ann

    She was screaming like a fool BEFORE and after she was pepper sprayed. She’s a pro!

  • Russ

    stupid is as stupid does.

  • Cool

    Should have used a BIGGER Pepper Spray container!

  • Patti Fulcher

    It’s about time the cops quit putting up with that BS. Don’t feel sorry for them at all.

  • James Riedl

    LMAO f***ing bunch of losers. One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. wish I could have been there to laugh in their faces.

  • Doug Packer

    HaHa! That was funny

  • Dan Moore

    If they can yell “help me” they have not had enough. Spray them again. I have gone through OC training and I can tell you it is hard to say anything after getting sprayed.

  • Nada Phag

    After 8 years of doing whatever the F they wanted……they look really perplexed at the end of this. They haven’t had to obey laws for 2 Presidential terms.

  • 1tenthAngel

    Chick got a reality check when no one helped her-I am sick of these protestors, they have nothing to say.

  • Ann Williams

    They are hoping to be pepper sprayed. Now I am a martyr…I am a victim…Peaceful Protest…Peaceful trying to get to or get home from work…No brainer, pepper spray.

  • ChiefD

    Gee, what a bunch of crybabies. I’ve had pepper spray on me, and mace before. It’s not pleasant, but won’t kill you. (A suspect I was fighting with, and had already hit with OC, somehow got exposed to it.)

  • you don’t need to know

    I don’t have one drop of sympathy for these idiots. I am so tired of these people disrupting working peoples lives with their stupidity I personally think it is time to just blast your horn and hit the gas peddle. The ones who don’t get out of your way won’t be in the next guys way. They will either be in the hospital or the morgue, and I don’t care which one it is.

  • cynicrealist

    screw the pepper spray, run the bastards down!!!!!!

  • Ian Cook

    I lke how it’s mostly fat old people they are spraying, afraid to take on people your own size?

  • Tired of onesided bullshit.

    The biggest baddest dude can be turned into a bitch with O.C.

  • Cabu

    Not at all, there were warned. You listen to the police. Obama is not president anymore. America is going to come back to what it waa.


    Notice how all their “friends” refuse to help them.


    Hmmm. I wonder if they can distribute pepper spray from fire hoses. So much more efficient that way.

  • Patrick

    Lmfao I love it, you are unlawfully blocking the road, you are no longer a peaceful protest once you have committed a crime. Yet they are screaming that guy started it he started it all; we were peaceful. Right especially when you put your hands on the police officers right… Justice is a dish best served with pepper spray 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Norris

    That is some seriously funny stuff right there… Cupcakes need to understand that they have to follow the law. When told to move or disperse by the police, do what you are told or deal with the consequences… Plain and simple…
    It does my heart good to see police being allowed to do their jobs and deal with these fascist idiots…

  • Ben F Allen

    Aint it a beautiful thing? Stupid dumbass woman needs a kick up the keister.