VIDEO: Thousands Of Masked Antifa Attack Protesters At Anti-Marxism Rally In Berkeley

Thousands of antifa showed up to Berkeley even though the anti-Marxism march was canceled.

Thousands of antifa showed up to Berkeley even though the anti-Marxism march was canceled.

Antifa Attack In Berkeley

Berkeley, CA – Thousands of masked antifa showed up to an anti-Marxism rally in Berkeley on Sunday with many carrying shields and attacked people who looked like they weren’t on the side of antifa.

This event is still in progress as of the time of this writing and is being updated.

The “No Marxism In America” event was officially canceled prior to the scheduled time on Sunday due to safety concerns.

An estimated 4,000 people are present, mostly antifa, and seven people have been arrested so far. They are chanting “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all.”

In addition to attacking right-wing supporters, the group also attacked journalists as they tried to stop people from filming the violence. KTVU Fox32 reporter Leigh Martinez and her photographer were attacked while filming marching.

Law enforcement worked to keep the groups separate, but they started to intermingle and fight broke out.

At one point the Antifa used their shields disguised as signs to form a line against police.

Police had to use gas to disperse a crowd of antifa who had surrounded a patrol car.

The antifa are mobbing people and calling them Nazis. It’s not clear if any white supremacists or neo-nazis are present. They appear to be focusing on chasing down people who wear any pro-Trump hats or clothing.

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  • Lisa Lovely

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    • Ron

      Good, Take of ALL the masks, like the Oklahoma police chief Alsbrook .

      • libsrterrorist

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  • Itsthewater

    Its all fun and games until someone is shot………IF you FEEL LIKE YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER.

    • Oldnavy

      Not in the PRC. You will still go to jail. You have no right to protect yourself from those who believe in love, not hate.

      • Betty Lou Schwartz

        Love?? Sorry, anyone with antifa and especially anyone in a mask, is not about love, but only about hate. Time to either take the masks off or be shot.

        • Gobby

          Spoken by a patriotic idiot.

          • stewbee

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          • ezioa

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  • sodakhic

    Sorry libs, but antifa is defining all Dems. Good luck in 2018

    • Gobby

      And Trump is defining all Repugs, 2018 will be a very good year for us.

    • Highest common denominator

      doesn’t the right fight against this kind of statement? I don’t agree that all Trump voters are racist, but the fact that all racists voted for Trump means Republicans are defined by white supremacy, by your logic.

      • NewWest 123

        What ? no racists voted for Democrats!?

        • Highest common denominator

          you’re totally missing my point, or trying to place your strawman.

          the key phrase is “by his logic.” are there more than enough open racists that are Trump voters? Yes. BY HIS LOGIC, if there are enough Antifa to define Democrats, there are enough white supremacists to define Republicans.

          • Sarrok

            “but the fact that all racists voted for Trump…”

            Do you make of habit of shitting out of your face?

            Dems are some of the most racist people I’ve ever met.

          • Highest common denominator

            that’s great, but i’m not a democrat. and racism defines you, Republican.

          • T Gentry

            The only time I hear the n word used is when I am in Connecticut or Massachusetts

          • NewWest 123

            it is the democrats that have so kindly created Antifa and that’s why they are trying so hard to keep them out of the spotlight or at least shielding them from blame. The other Idiots punks thugs are just that. How about we starting focusing on the elected officials who are guilty of creating them..

          • Highest common denominator

            no no, slow that down. if the democrats created Antifa, white supremacy is definitely buffered with white supremacy. you don’t get to separate one and not the other.

        • Bob b

          No bigger racist then the Clinton Klan. Never see them with blacks unless it’s a photo opt, then they are out of there.

      • 4True

        “All all racists voted for Trump” ?? The majority of African Americans are openly racist- as evidenced by their own statements, music and leaders (always pointing out the racial difference of every human being, and judging them accordingly). Almost all supported the tribalist Obama.

        • Highest common denominator

          wrong. what you’re talking about is a reaction to latent racism, created by whites. further, sure the vast majority of black people voted for President Obama; so did the majority of white people.

    • Gobby

      We got Trump that’s all we need for 2018.

  • CarolinaCries

    They keep poking the bear, it’s going to bite back and these cowards won’t know what hit them. It’s about to get to the point of no return. Rocks, bottles and bats can’t compare to conceal carried guns. The attacks of free speech are meh…just brats whining. But when you escalate to physically attacking people, they have the right to defend themselves. The violence is just solidifying more GOP victories in the next election.

    • Gobby

      These as you say cowards are in fact American citizens, who are sick of political shit.

      • Patrick Jackson

        These ANTIFA Nobobies ony want chaos and anarchy. Shut them down!!!!!

        • ChiefD

          Anyone who threatens or tries to harm another, just because they don’t like what the other person stands for should be shot.

      • ChiefD

        Then instead of running around with masks and hoodies so they can’t be identified, they should try the ballot box. Oh, some did and lost, and they can’t take it. So now they want a socialist country. I suggest they go to that south American country where people are thriving under Maduro’s socialist government.

        • Gobby

          I have viewed lots of alleged Antifa protests where the majority of people don’t wear masks, was Heather Heyer or anyone in the group of protesters hit by by that madman Fields car wearing masks? you’re full of shit dude.

          • ChiefD

            In the first place, shit head, I’m not a dude, try chief of police. I was not referring to Charlottesville, or the idiot who drove into the crowd. I have been to several riots and other situations (including standing between two opposing groups) during my career. Violence from either side has no place in peaceful discourse. When jerks like you want to defend mask wearing cowards, who claim to be anarco-communists, that is a problem. BTW, that was an ANTIFA’s description of the group.

          • John D. Fiat

            Heather Heyer was not an Antifa thug, she was merely a misguided [email protected] (as are many young people whom haven’t matured yet). Fields was actually being chased by Antifa thugs and only drove fast when they threw bricks in his car’s window. Plus, he didn’t premeditate anything, as that would’ve been impossible. He could not have known where the protest would end up as his group was illegally denied their right to protest in their court permitted location by the [email protected] mayor and governor. Furthermore, it was a psy-op anyway as videos are surfacing which prove that there were two Dodge Chargers and that the flying protesters behind the car crashing into the crowd (along with many signs, etc.) were all photoshoped into the now infamous pictures. And some pics show a different driver actually driving the car that hit the crowd. By contrast, Maciah Johnson committed premeditated murder of several police officers in Dallas and Obama took 5 days to say a FNG thing. (probably because Johnson is black).

    • NewWest 123

      That’s why they do this in mostly loon states or cities.. Maybe we should focus on the higher ups who are creating these punks.

    • william e wilson

      I agree. It is just a matter of time before shots will be fired. It appears these people have no love for the United states.

    • cr0ak

      And that’s exactly what antifa’s handlers want – civil war. They’re planning for it:

  • John Ramirez

    They’re going to have to kill a few of these assholes

    • Ron

      Good, Heather Heyer’s Sacrifice removed so many statues of traitors & participation trophies.

      Kill more, & see what happens.

    • Gobby

      Why do you use John for your name? your birth form no doubt say’s Juan, are you of born of legitimate US citizens?.

  • Rod

    By chanting in part “no USA at all,” they’re proclaiming their specific intent. They are enemies of the United States and should be recognized and treated as such. The National Guard should be called in since the police are ineffective…by choice or by orders. But we all know Jerry Brown is never going to do that.

    • Gobby

      Dick & Head remove the & and that pretty much sums up you.

      • Rod

        So you’re for the downfall of the USA then? I find you offensive, go stand in a corner and don’t suck your thumb.

        • Gobby

          I love the USA every bit as much as you but that doesn’t mean I need to have and cherish the same right wing views you have.

          • Rod

            I’m glad to hear that you love the USA. These masked people you are defending, are actively calling for the end of the USA. Your statement of love for the USA and support for the hate of the USA are in conflict.

            I welcome different views and believe differing views in a unified country make us stronger. Public debate is a great thing. These masked wearing people beat people up for not having and cherishing the same views as them. Your support of these people and your statement about not having to have and cherish the same views as me are also in conflict…

          • Gobby

            Let me say from the out set I detest Donald Trump and his polices, I may not march with the protesters that everyone on the right has labelled as Antifa but if they can damage this idiot we have for a President then they have my wholehearted support.

          • Meemie777

            Well, well, well…. boohooo, WHATS IN YOYR 401K??? Oops, you are angry that you donot have one bo……

          • who dat?

            Trump is just one person, and as all presidents are, only temporarily in office; but you still support the USA nonetheless. So, those no usa protesters are against you too. You do understand that don’t you?

          • Lawman49

            You really need to visit a nice Socialist country like Argentina … You will love the food lines! Not everything is free in this world.

          • Gobby

            I’m a left of centre moderate, not a socialist.

          • ExhaustedSpark

            Yea you tell him. Those right wing views like freedom and constitution are just plain evil. All men created equal. that’s just wrong.

      • Joe

        You have to love these marxist morons. The shit4brains intellectual capacity is limited to calling people names. No wonder Bernie Sanders call the useful fools.

        Hey, gobby (as in fish brains), how come the globalists are your racial superiors EVERYWHERE except Russia? Can you name one of them fined or indicted for screwing you inferiors out of your homes with predatory loans during the financial crisis? Obama did a great job of running down the statute of lmitations. And, yes, keep fighting for open borders so I can keep your wages low. Sucker.

        • Gobby

          Dude you may understand that rant but I don’t know what the fuck you are saying to me.

      • Lawman49

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      • flax_seed
        • PoliticallyIncorrect2

          Let me guess…. Shamu isn’t a Trump supporter.

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          I don’t normally speak ill of the dietetically challenged, but her choice of wardrobe invites comment. No, DEMANDS comment. WHY on God’s green earth would someone do that to themselves? Are they screaming for attention?

          BTW, ANTIFA is a terrorist organization. Officially.

      • Meemie777

        REALLY??? Seems to me you are the dickhead if you think this persons comments are so terrible, maybe YOU are a member o f this terrorist group, what says you????

      • Live from Liz Warrens Teepee

        How cute. Are you 8 years old?

    • YourCarSucks

      Every citizen is an enemy of the United States, per Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917

      • Rod

        Your tin foil hat is loose.

  • Gobby

    bluelivesmatter has been consumed by the shite from the right, there are no arguments left on these forums, its become a nodfest for right wing Trumpers.

    • ezioa

      Says the leftist moron.

  • NewWest 123

    They had to use Gas? Lead would work better. You would only have to use it on one or two..

  • DelvinPickford

    So it’s thousands now, soon it will millions eh lol

  • ezioa

    For antifa? Of course not

    • Ron

      okay, for anybody else then?

  • garriga

    Shameful “fake news” reporting. I was in Berkeley and watched this march. There were not thousands of masked antifa attacking people; there were 4,000 unmasked people marching peacefully and a handful of people who behaved badly. You can disapprove of violence without resorting to fake news.

    • Gobby

      garriga you got to realise that the majority of subscribers to this website are grown in the dark fed on shit mushrooms, lets just call them Trumpers.

  • Kenneth Barten

    Let antifa lead the next revolution…
    As enemies of the state and America in general…..
    We will make sure there are no “prisoners” to take
    ~~ thats right antifucks,, It means EXACLTY what you think it does,,,,~~
    Violence begets violence,, you want a war.. better hope you can outlast those whom your fighting…
    ( J/K!!!! YOU WON’T!!!!!)

  • duder1897

    Start using live rounds and execute them all.

  • Craven Morehead

    Terrorists, one and all.

  • Steve

    The U.K. News does better reporting on riots than domestic news. I’d say 200 black clad. They even got pics of what appears as a robbery of a journalist of his camera.

  • Gary Cole

    They have signs saying ‘No Hate’ yet they beat people up?? Shoot the fuckers.

  • Robert Pashka

    When is the federal Government going to officially label these commies a homegrown terrorist organization and take them down once and for all? Everywhere in the country there is trouble Antifa are right in the middle of it. Why can’t people call it as it is. To hell with political correctness, these scumbags are causing harm to the Country. Enough is enough. C’mon feds grow a pair and do your job of protecting Americans.

  • Bill Harney

    We know that they are pushing for martial law. It won’t be martial law if the National Guard was activated for the purpose of assisting law enforcement to arrest all of the rioters without bail and if there finances are crazy enough to show out lock them up with out bail as well.

  • magnum.pi

    Masked scumbags ashamed to show their faces. Domestic terrorists and we need to clean them out.


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    • Texan1st

      It would be so much easier to understand what you are saying if you’d mix in a period at the end of your sentences. You used a period after the 8th word. Then you never used another one after that. WTF?

  • Tonya Parnell


    • Gobby

      IN-BREDS isn’t that a Redneck thang?

  • Sue Bell

    If that brainless group. Antifa, thinks they have the upper hand.I want films of their look when their bosses will get rid of them because they are easily brain washed. The group knows that those masked idiots are so stupid.

  • TheOldGuy

    ANTIFA hides their faces now like their predecessor liberal/democrat KKK members did. Just like the KKK they try to force their point with intimidation and violence. Remember, the KKK was a dumbocrat creation. The only real difference is that ANTIFA wears black masks and the KKK wore white hoods.

  • Gobby

    ‘I doubt anyone noticed in the first video the black guy in the red tee shirt running in to stop the attack on the white guy,? jeez he must have drop’t his mask.

  • Lawman49

    Time to use rubber bullets! Shields? Ha ha.. We used to imprison Communists.. I miss the old days..

  • flax_seed
  • Kathleen McKenna Lawler

    They look like a soros controlled ISIS

  • Kathleen McKenna Lawler

    They are growing faster than ISIS Police need to get tough real fast and nip them in the bud.

  • John D. Fiat

    The antifa puzzies only have strength in numbers and weapons. 99% of them are skinny little wimps. And it should be an automatic felony to wear masks concealing your face at violent protest events!

  • Richard M. Brock

    Scum bag sub-human garbage. Bring that shit to my neighborhood.

  • Duo

    Why don’t the cops arrest all these black clad masked a$$holes? Seems they just stand there and watch them beat the hell out of people…

  • truck300lb

    what do they have in them back packs?

  • marhannah

    ALL of the chaos is being funded by OBAMA, CLINTONS, SOROS, and a LARGE MAJORITY of the democrat party (and some in the GOP). This is Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” ▬ it’s PAST TIME to break out the water cannons of the 1960’s and start hosing these antifa and other scum down like the dogs they are.

    READ HERE:…/all-of-saul-alinskys-8-levels…/…/alinskys-hit-man-obamas-plan…/…/ben-carson-saul-alinsky-hillary-clinton/

  • cr0ak

    Solution: Live rounds.

  • PatriotDave

    For any who were wondering, ANTIFA has been declared a terrorist group:

  • CygnusX-1

    It’s patently ridiculous to walk around with shields saying “no hate” while you’re beating a man helpless on the ground. Are these people being arrested?

  • drcreepy

    Antifa cowards. They only attack you if its 5 to 1. It’s only a matter of time till one of these dumbasses get shot.

  • ExhaustedSpark

    This is the same movement the NFL Players are part of with their asinine kneeling for the Flag. Asinine.

  • Wl Avendano

    Antifa = real nazies..
    You know the tree by the fruit.

  • Moe

    This will not simply go away. Our government has to take action and start taking this liberals out.