VIDEO: Protesters Surround, Assault FOX 2 Reporter

FOX 2 Reporter Dan Gray and his photographer were chased out of the protest by a hostile crowd.

FOX 2 Reporter Dan Gray and his photographer were chased out of the protest by a hostile crowd.

St. Louis, MO – FOX 2 news anchor Dan Gray was surrounded and assaulted by Jason Stockley protesters on Friday. His photographer captured video of the incident (video below.)

In the video, a large group of protesters can be seen harassing Gray as he tried to walk away. Some of the people in the group were trying to protect him from others in the group.

In the video, one man in particular seemed enraged by Gray’s presence, yelling, “You shouldn’t even be over here… Get the fuck out of our movement, motherfucker!”

The group threw water and water bottles at Gray as he left.

Dan Gray apologized to the protesters on Facebook:

Scariest moment in my news career.Original protest was against a not guilty decision for a former St.L officer on trial for 1st degree murder in the shooting death of a suspect chased by police.

But then some protesters took out against me and Fox and all media. Protesters’ anger was focused on us. I was shoved and hit with three water bottles, one in the head. Demonstrators surrounded me as I was walking away.

They complained about media reporting about African-Americans as crime suspects and crime victims. It was very upsetting but my photographer Tauna Price and I were not physically hurt.

I am sorry we became part of the story. It was not out intention to draw attention away from the message of the protest.

Gray said on Fox 2 that the especially agitated protester seemed upset because he accused Gray of reporting on crime for 30 years, but “didn’t do anything.” It’s not clear what they wanted him to do.

“I understand their frustration I understand their anger, ” said Dan Gray.  “Perhaps they needed someone to vent it to.”

Gray and his photographer were uninjured

You can see the video of the incident below: