VIDEO: Badass Retired Deputy Security Guard Blast Robber As He Enters Bank

Surveillance video shows a retired deputy shooting down a bank robber.

Surveillance video shows a retired deputy shooting down a bank robber.

Video Shows Retired Deputy Brian Harrison Shoot Down A Bank Robber

Rockford, IL – Newly released video shows a security guard, who is a retired deputy, gunning down a bank robber just after the robber entered Alpine Bank.

The initial incident occurred in January, but the video has just now been released. It was also announced that that guard would not face any charges for using deadly force to defend the lives of the people in the bank.

WIFR reports that Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato said,”There is no doubt in my mind the actions of Brian Harrison saved the lives of those that were employees in the Alpine Bank location on that date and saved his own life.”

The security footage shows the masked robber, Laurence Turner, coming in, shooting once into the ceiling, then at retired Winnebago County Deputy Brian Harrison.

Harrison reacted instantly, shooting the gunman DRT.

“They are taught generally to shoot center mass in the body. This is a very dynamic, fluid situation and he’s doing what he was trained for 30 years to do and it was eliminate and take care of the threat,” Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea said.

An autopsy report shows that Laurence Turner was high on drugs at the time of the shooting. Turner has also been linked to several other bank robberies.

Great job by retired Deputy Brian Harrison, who didn’t let retirement stop him from continuing to be a hero.

You can see the video of the shooting here:

Would you be prepared if an armed robber showed up while you were banking? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know below.

  • FlameonMe

    Went from “Lets have a coffee” to “I’m gonna kill this guy” in 1.2 seconds. Nice shooting !

    • Hobe Scholz

      From lets have coffee to I’m not gonna let this guy kill anyone on my watch. I doubt Mr. Harrison wanted to kill anybody that day.

      • FlameonMe

        Same thing, isn’t it? I don’t get your point. Putting a bullet in the right place during a deadly force encounter is a GOOD THING, not bad. Subtracting that miscreant from the gene pool is a good thing, not bad. So yes, am sure he was aiming center of mass, right in the boiler, and was aiming to kill. That is what bullets DO. Just because you seem squeamish about it doesn’t mean it is bad in any way.

        • Hobe Scholz

          Same thing except for the label. Not squeamish, just never one to let the opposition use our words against us. There is a reason we say shoot to stop, words matter.

          • FlameonMe

            I have competed at NRA pistol matches and watched competitors shoot the dirt below their target. There is not a menu-driven template on an adversary in a gun fight that says shoot here to stop, shoot here to kill. You just shoot til the threat does not exist. That is reality.

      • BillNole

        You are right Hobe. I know this just-retired Deputy and he is a fine gentleman. He did something that I’m sure was very difficult, but that he trained for years to do, if required. Unfortunately, it was necessary on that day. Kudos all around to Brian!

  • Keith

    I like the evasive action mister bank robber tried to use! “Seek cover, return fire! Tuck and roll, tuck and roll! Serpentine SERPENTINE!! I can m a k e i t…………….

  • Normie G

    Play with the bull you get the horns! I wonder how are the snowflakes going to spin this one?

  • james fordyce

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  • pete480

    Good shoot!
    CNN headline: Crazed White Gunman Murders Innocent Black Child in Racist Attack. Then they’d proceed to show a picture of the POS from when he was 5.

    • Nico James

      Ummm..the armed robber who was shot was a WHITE man you racist Idiot! Well haven’t you made yourself look stupid as $hit?! Doing CNN bashing without knowing the facts. Looks like the perp was your “crazed white gunmen” afterall! 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Seductiv😜

      The robber who was shot dead WAS a crazed white gunman you fool! He was a young white male. You ignorant @ss racist recnekcs contiue t make yourselves look stupid. No need to respond. You have officially made yourself look dumb ASF. Now sit down fool.

  • True story: As an employee, I have been part of several mock robberies at banks to prepare for this. The police would act as robbers – even though you knew they were coming in – it was pretty intense!

    One time they did a mock robbery using a bomb in the drive-thru…after the training ended, the police came in buckled over, laughing their a$$es off!

    “What’s so funny?!”

    “The teller sent the bomb back to us through the tube.” omg

  • Mikehunt

    Well done

  • Joe Nash

    Right on! The lead pill cures all hoodlums of the disease of criminality permanently.

  • Geronimo Eagle Monroe

    The stupid perp, shot in the air, trying to scare everyone, and lost everything right there. The officer still put the cuffs on that dumb fool. Nice work by the off duty officer. They guys crime days are over.

  • Janet Kso

    He did everything right from the quick threat he aimed in and fired while facing the gunman and never stopped shooting until he was he was down. He also checked to see if there was a getaway car or another threat outside before he approached the gunman. He kept aimed in on him as he approached and before this told them to call 911. He made sure the gunman could not get to the gun and then cuffed him I believe. He was remarkable calm during the entire threat. Well done DEPUTY!