VIDEO: Graphic Video Shows Aftermath, Police Response,To San Antonio Knife-Throwing Fight

Police responded after a knife-throwing fight in San Antonio.

Police responded after a knife-throwing fight in San Antonio.

Police Respond To Knife-Throwing Fight

San Antonio, TX – The aftermath of a knife-throwing fight in San Antonio was recorded and posted to Facebook (video below.)

The incident occurred on Friday at about 5:30 PM in the 800 block of Division Avenue near I-35, according to The Dallas News. In the video, a man named Robert Heredia, age 46, threw two large knives at a second, younger man.

The younger man, who was not identified, threw the knives back and struck Heredia in the head.

The person who posted the video to their Facebook account said that the two men were father and son, and that both had been drinking, but police have not confirmed that.

The video is of the aftermath of the incident, and starts with the younger man wearing a blood-splattered shirt, standing  behind a fence.  He can be heard yelling at Heredia, who is standing in the street, drenched in blood from head to his abdominal area.

The younger man threw two large knives on the ground outside the fence.  He told Heredia, “You were f*****g trying to kill me.  That’s why I did what I did.”

He then opened the gate and walked toward Heredia, while people told him to go back.  In the video, the younger man screamed, “I deserve to be mad.”

The person filming took the knives across the street.  Someone told Heredia to sit down, and to stop touching the open flap on his head where he is cut. The man, appearing intoxicated, didn’t listen.

Police arrived about two minutes into the video, according to  The younger man was detained but not arrested.  Heredia was transported to University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

You can see the video below. WARNING – Graphic with a LOT of blood.