VIDEO: Two Cops Shot In Gunfight With Homicide Suspect – Shooter Gets Turned Into Human Sprinkler

Video shows the moment that Eric Arnold opened fire on Sacramento police officers.

Video shows the moment that Eric Arnold opened fire on Sacramento police officers.

Dashcam Video Of Eric Arnold Shooting Police Officers

Sacramento, CA – The Sacramento Police Department has released video showing a gunfight between officers and a double homicide suspect (video below.)

The incident happened September 7 when officers stopped 41-year-old Eric Arnold at 27th Ave and Franklin Boulevard, according to Fox40.

Arnold was wanted for the murder of a mother and daughter a week earlier.

After the officers stopped Arnold, they started giving him commands. That’s when Arnold exited his vehicle and opened fire on the officers.

Officers returned fire, filling Arnold with bullet holes until he was no longer a threat. Arnold died on scene.

Officer Victor Wolfe was shot in the leg and Officer Tim Martin was shot in his ballistic vest.

Officer Martin later released a picture of what happens when even a small .380 round hits an officer in their vest:


Officer Martin spoke with FOX40 about the memory loss that comes after combat.

“Immediately afterwards, I actually questioned whether or not I had returned fire, even when someone asked me if I had, I said that ‘yes I did.’ But I could no longer actually remember, for a while, the actual action of returning fire,” Officer Martin said.

“You don’t want to see people get killed. Very unhappy for all of us. I wish we could stop it before it happened. But unfortunately we’re responding to what happens. Can’t stop it before it happens,” Officer Martin said.

Sacramento police department is now looking into bullet resistant doors to provide officers with more cover in future shootings.

You can see the video of the gunfight below. There are two camera angles – the first shows the suspect and the second shows the officers. WARNING: Graphic Content.