Bodycam: Military Veteran Ray Johnson Steps In To Help Pasco County Deputy In Middle Of Fight

Bodycam video shows Ray Johnson helping a Pasco County Deputy who was fighting with a suspect.

Bodycam video shows Ray Johnson helping a Pasco County Deputy who was fighting with a suspect.

Bodycam Video Shows Military Veteran Ray Johnson Helping Officer In Fight

Pasco County, FL – Air Force veteran Ray Johnson was in the right place at the right time when he stepped in to help Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Larkin, who was being assaulted by a suspect that he was trying to take into custody. The incident was captured on the deputy’s body camera (below.)

According to WFLA, the incident occurred on Monday, May 29, at a residence in the 1700 block of Canoe Drive in Lutz.  Family members called 911 to report that Jordan Caraballo had been arguing with his mother and sister, and had thrown a glass object at a family member.

In the 911 call, one unidentified woman who was present in the house said, “He’s trying to break the house. He’s throwing glass, there’s children in here. I need them here now. There are two little kids in the house. He’s slamming everything, threatening to hit me.”

Neighbor Ray Johnson heard the commotion, and saw Caraballo throw a mirror into the garage. He also called 911. Pasco County Deputy Jesse Larkin then responded to the domestic disturbance.

In Deputy Larkin’s body cam video he is shown approaching Caraballo, who was standing outside the residence. Deputy Larkin tells Caraballo more than once to put his hands against the wall. Caraballo repeatedly said “f** you.”

Deputy Larkin reached out to restrain Caraballo, who began to resist and fight him.  He said “I was able to get him down, control his head so he wouldn’t throw me and that’s when he started punching me in the abdomen.”  He said, “It was probably 20 seconds, but it felt like 10 minutes.”

That’s when Ray Johnson stepped in.  He said, “I didn’t jump in because the officer needed help. I jumped in because clearly this person was resisting.”

Johnson is an Air Force veteran, and a ‘licensed security trainer.’  He said that he assisted the deputy because he wanted to put an end to the confrontation as soon as possible.

He said that he “feared a bad outcome if the takedown went on for too long.”  No one was injured in the struggle.

Deputy Larkin said, “He didn’t owe me anything and he stepped in anyway. I’m very grateful for that.”

In a statement on their Facebook page, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said, “We would like to thank the Good Samaritan, Ray Johnson, who helped one of our deputies with a combative subject. We are grateful for our community support and that you all have our backs when we need you!”

Caraballo is facing four felony charges and one misdemeanor charge.

You can see the video of the arrest below. Would you be ready to help an officer in a fight? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.