VIDEO: Trump Supporter Tries To Have Conversation With Antifa, So They Beat Him

R.C. Maxwell was attacked by Antifa after trying to talk to them.

R.C. Maxwell was attacked by Antifa after trying to talk to them.

Trump Supporter Attacked For Talking To Antifa

Laguna Beach, CA – Richard Losey was arrested after attacking a Trump supporter and then taunting police on social media. Losey was with a group of Antifa in Laguna beach on Sunday night when the attacked occurred (video below.)

It would be hard to mistake Trump supporter R.C. Maxwell as a Nazi, considering that he is black, but that didn’t stop Antifa from attacking him.

The incident all started during the “America First!” rally in Laguna Beach, which was billed as a vigil for victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, according LA Times.

With only a few dozen people present for the rally, a crowd of 2,500 counter-protesters formed after the media claimed that it was a white supremacist rally.

Police worked to keep the groups separated at the rally, but Maxwell says that he was shoved and constantly under threat of violence at the event.

Later that night,  Maxwell decided to try to have a conversation with a group of Antifa to try to find some commonalities. While he could be seen on video just calmly speaking with the group, people called him a traitor and an “Uncle Tom.” He was then suddenly sucker-punched, pepper sprayed, and choked.

Then when an older male worked to separate them, people threatened to attack them too.

The incident was captured on video (below.)

Afterwards, Maxwell’s primary attacker, Richard Losey, took to Twitter to brag about the attack and said, “Please arrest me lmao.”

Detectives located Losey trying to buy a bus pass to Ohio in an attempt flee the state in an attempt to avoid criminal prosecution.

Losey was booked on a charge of misdemeanor battery, but considering the comments about the attackers made about Maxwell’s race, a hate crime enhancement was added.