Video: Pro-Trump Girl’s Hair Set On Fire By Anti-Trump Protester At Women’s March

A Trump supporter's hair was set on fire by an Anti-Trump protester.

A Trump supporter’s hair was set on fire by an Anti-Trump protester.

Trump Supporter’s Hair Set On Fire

Washington, DC – Video is circulating of a Trump supporter’s hair that was set on fire at the DC Women’s March.

The women’s march, which took place on Saturday, was a refreshing change to the rioting which took place the day before. The protest demonstrated that half a million people can gather in a well-organized protest without rioting. Perhaps their leaders can teach Black Lives Matter and the Anarchists how to protest without destroying people’s property.

Unfortunately, there are still people who take their politics to the point that they need to assault people who disagree with them.

At Saturday’s protest, video was taken showing a Trump supporter’s hair being caught on fire by an anti-Trump protester:

The trump supporter’s friend quickly noticed the fire and put it out.

This video and information was reportedly passed on to the Metropolitan Police Department to investigate. At this time, the suspect hasn’t been identified. Hopefully we’ll make him famous, and somebody who recognizes him will come forward.

Do you think that this fire should be considered a simple assault, or a deadly one? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page or in the comments below.


  • None ya

    They may not have broken any windows, but they sure did leave a ton of garbage in the streets. Nasty, disgusting, vulgar, sorry excuses for women. They also bullied anybody who supported Trump.

  • rowlv

    Dark skinned female with a jailhouse tat between the forefinger and thumb. Suspect the female in the NA stocking cap. The girl in the white sweater and yellow jacket watched her do it.

  • silaxo1

    Assault with intent to commit murder.

  • Donnie Epperson

    I have read her name might be Norma Zahory. I can’t confirm the accuacy of what I read though, might be worth looking into…

    • xstratusx

      Her page was deleted right after she was confronted about it.

      Some guy named Jim Treacher is saying it is definitively not her, but he won’t say how he knows this. Hopefully by this point, the police are investigating. What are the odds two people look exactly like that in the DC area.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    It’s called assault. It’s a crime.

    • Lee

      It’s called hate. Hate of those who don’t hate Trump for being so filled with hate (according to those who hate him).

  • RaymondNicholas

    Burning someone alive? I’d call that deadly assault. A felony. Get ’em boys!

  • Lisa

    Why does this article claim it happened at the women’s march on Saturday but the video says it happened on Inauguration Day? Which is it?
    Hope they find the person who did it and press charges. That was uncalled for.

    • Deplorable Mark L.

      Maybe because the march was on the same day as inauguration and the next few days!

      Keep up!

  • Deplorable Mark L.

    “Unfortunately, there are still people who take their politics to the point that they need to assault people who disagree with them.”
    We call them liberals!

  • AliciA

    You can’t change stupid. They are lucky she wasn’t hurt permanently

  • duder1897

    Looks like it’s that mexican shewhale that did it no? Find the bitch and deport her.

    • Lee

      Oh, don’t you understand? She was acting out of fear caused by the Donald’s hatred of all Mexicans. Uh, Mexican nationals who commit murder in the USA, that is. So you see, it’s all the fault of the Republicans who gerrymandered the state borders to disenfranchise women, like the one whose hair was set on fire!

      (Or something like that?)

      • duder1897

        LOL Sounds about right.

  • Lee

    I guess this was supposed to show just how hate-filled Trump and his supporters are — and how loving and peaceful his opposition is.

    • xstratusx

      Whatever libs claim they are is the exact opposite. Tolerant? Anything but…

  • Joseph Stratton

    When they go lower, we go lower. Pathetic dems.

  • Joseph Lam
    Watch the video again. This is the person that did it. The one in the center with the blue hat

  • Michelle Grant

    obama nuke you fucktards with japan 5 plus years ago.. FUKUSHIMA>. what is neutron radiation… assholes

  • johnfabian

    Felony charge. Prison time. No excuse.

  • Don Neumeister


  • This blows my mind.. smh

  • Phil Jermakian

    Divide and conquer psy op, notice they are in a fenced off area, 2 buses behind them probably brought them all. This is some Sandy Hook/Orlando Pulse/Nice France style faked news. I could not manage to screen grab with the other cameras that bounced on and off screen but there are practically more cameras then actors to watch these 8 chanting people a full minute before the “hair light”.