WATCH: ‘CHAAARGE!’ Pro-Trump Crowd Counter-Attacks Anarchists

The pro-Trump group counter-attacked anarchists in Berkeley.

The pro-Trump group counter-attacked anarchists in Berkeley.

Video: Pro-Trump Crowd Charges Anarchists At Patriot’s Day Rally

Berkeley, CA – 16 people were arrested Saturday as anarchists attacked a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley. We covered the anarchists assaulting the pro-Trump crowd. Now video from The Red Elephants shows the pro-Trump crowd counter-attacking the anarchists.

Hundreds of pro-Trump demonstrators planned a “Patriot’s Day” rally on Saturday in Berkeley, on the same day that anti-Trump groups were hosting mostly non-violent Tax Day protests throughout the country.

Anarchists found out about the Patriot’s Day rally, and announced that they would be hosting their own counter-protest at the event. Whenever anarchists show up to these events they always turn violent, so you would expect the city to deny access to the un-permitted protesters. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

Instead, plastic barriers were set up to separate the two groups, but violence spilled over outside of the main rally area where few police could be found.

Anarchists attacked the pro-Trump group with explosives, glass bottles, rocks, and sticks, prompting a the pro-Trump group to throw objects back at them. Violence from both sides resulted in a large number of injuries.

At least one person was stabbed, a large number of people were pepper sprayed, people were beaten and walking around bleeding.

A cameraman from The Red Elephants blog was present, calling for a counter-attack against the anarchists. The pro-Trump group then charged at the anarchists, forcing them to flee. One unlucky anarchist was caught by the group, and some people in the pro-Trump crowd threw some punches before releasing him. This attack from the pro-Trump crowd was in stark contrast to the anarchists who were surrounding people on the ground and repeatedly kicking them.

You can see the counter-attack against the anarchists here: