VIDEO: Portland Protesters Lay In Road, Talk Tough, Then Police Show Up And.. RUN AWAY!!!

Portland protesters ran when the police showed up at their illegal road blockade.

Portland protesters ran when the police showed up at their illegal road blockade.

Portland Protesters Bravely Run Away From The Police While Calling For Their Deaths

Portland, OR – Black Lives Matter protesters and anarchists teamed up to confront police and lay in the road in front of the Portland Building on Wednesday afternoon. The group was quick to back down when the officers showed up, ready to arrest the protesters (hysterical video below.)

According to KATU, the group had gathered to protest the officer-involved shooting of Quanice Hayes on February 8th. Hayes was high on various drugs when he was contacted by police as the suspect in an armed robbery at a hotel.

When officers found Hayes hiding in a side yard two blocks from the scene, they had him come out on his knees. Hayes then reached for the back of his waistband as officers repeatedly ordered him to keeps his hands away from his waist. He then reached for the front of his waistband.

Officer Andrew Hearst was armed with an AR-15 when he fatally shot Quanice Hayes after reasonably believing that he was reaching for the gun used in the robbery.

That gun was found near Hayes’s body and was later determined to be an airsoft gun with the orange tip removed.

Ever since the shooting, Black Lives Matter and Hayes’s family have been spreading a false narrative about what had happened.

Speaking at a city council meeting earlier in the month, Quanice’s cousin, Terrence Hayes said, “Neither robbery, theft, menacing, property damage or any crimes like this are punishable by death. Oregonians have been deceived into believing that an officer can execute another Oregonian just because he may or may not be guilty of a crime.”

Terrence is using a popular Black Lives Matter false narrative: claiming that an officer’s self-defense is actually a punitive action taken to punish a suspect, rather than an action taken in immediate defense of life.

This all led up to the protest on Wednesday, where protesters shows up talking about how Quanice Hayes was gunned down by an AK-47 while his hands were up (not true.)

Protesters decided to lay in the street as officers blocked off traffic so the rocket scientists wouldn’t get run over.

The group chanted, “F–k the police,” “Hands up, don’t shoot,” and there was the occasional, “I hope you die.”

They appeared convinced that they were the most badass protesters ever to lay in a public roadway. Then the police in riot gear showed up. The group screamed as they ran away.

Three people were arrested.

You can see the video below: