VIDEO: Cops Launch Fur Missile To Latch Onto Suspect, Then They Reel Him In

A Maricopa County SO K9 latched onto the suspect and they reeled him in.

A Maricopa County SO K9 latched onto the suspect and they reeled him in.

VIDEO: Maricopa County Fur Missile Takedown

Guadalupe, AZ – Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office used a police K9 (AKA Fur Missile) to reel in a suspect, like they were fishing for felons.

According to, on Wednesday just before noon, deputies responded to a shooting a church at by Calle San Angelo and Avidenda Del Yaqui. The deputies located the suspect nearby in his vehicle, and he led the deputies on a vehicle pursuit.

During the pursuit, the suspect carjacked several people, and deputies exchanged gunfire with him.

Finally, the suspect rammed an MCSO patrol car and deputies shot him. The suspect was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Investigators identified a second suspect from the initial shooting, and SWAT surrounded his house. As the deputies were trying to take down the suspect people nearby were taunting deputies and throwing objects at them.

SWAT confronted the suspect as a news crew flew overhead. The suspect was non-compliant, yelling at officers and even appearing to take a swig of beer. The SWAT team responded by hiting the suspect with what appears to be a 40mm round, and then launching their fur missile. The K9 latched onto the suspect and then the deputies reeled him in like a fish.

You can see the video of the fur missile launch here:

Thankfully, no law enforcement officers were injured throughout this entire incident, and the two suspects are in custody.