WATCH: Cop Completely Unfazed By Profanity-Laden Tirade, Accusations Of ‘Raping People’

A Pleasant Hill police officers was completely unfazed by a motorist's verbal assault.

A Pleasant Hill police officers was completely unfazed by a motorist’s verbal assault.

VIDEO: Pleasant Hill Officer Unfazed By Motorist’s Tirade

Pleasant Hill, CA – A video shows a police officer who didn’t have a single f-k to give while being blasted by a disrespectful motorist (video below.)

The undated video first surfaced Wednesday, and was taken down after people reacted by making fun of the man behind the camera. A copy of the video was later put up elsewhere.

In the video, a Pleasant Hill police officer could be seen writing while the male driver screamed profanities at him about “raping” people.

“Are you f—-ing proud coming to work every day knowing that you’re f—ing raping the f—ing people, taking their f—ing money away?”

The officer exhibited more patience than many officers would have, and did not even issue the man a ticket because of his behavior.

The officer calmly walked up and explained to the man that he was just getting a “fix-it ticket.” These are generally written notices that somebody has a certain time-frame in which to correct a violation, or they will be given an actual ticket.

If the person actually corrects the violation, in this case by removing window tint, then no ticket is issued. The officer had a choice to just issue a straight ticket for the violation.

The man continued his profanity-laden tirade as the officer calmly handed him a pen to sign his fix-it ticket. The man refused to sign his document.

“No, you don’t know the history. It’s just like, I’m f—ing white, right? And you know all the black people hate the f—ing cops. Get a real f—ing… Go to Oakland and work and see how it is. You don’t run into people like me. You said, I’m the hottest person that you came across in 30 years. How do you think that those people in Oakland feel? Huh?”

The man continued his tirade until he finally signed the ticket.

“And be lookin’ out for this on P Vids dot com! And the P Stands for Pigs!”

The officer, however, remained unfazed. “You have a safe day sir.”