VIDEO: Fur Missile Takes Down Violent Felon – Internet Whines Of Brutality For Letting Dog Bite

A Pasco County fur missile took down Michael Brick.

A Pasco County fur missile took down Michael Brick.

Pasco County K9 Pursuit Bodycam Video

Pasco County, FL – A Pasco County Sheriff’s Office fur missile took down a violent felon who fled from police, and the internet is running to the defense of the suspect.

The incident occurred on Tuesday near Bowman Rd and Caufield Rd, Michael Brick fled from a traffic stop initialed by a Pasco County Deputy.

Deputy Nick Carmack was on scene with K9 Shep. Bodycam video was released which shows Shep chasing Brick down and holding him for deputies.

Michael Brick was captured last year after a two-month manhunt. He used a vehicle to try to ram family members and then opened fire with his gun. During the manhunt, Brick led deputies on multiple pursuits.

Thankfully, on Tuesday the deputies had K9 Shep present to take brick down.

Afterwards, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, known for its heavy use of social media, posted bodycam video of the pursuit to Facebook.

The top ranked comments on the video say:

“Wow I can’t believe you allow the dog to continue to bite on him after he was cought. No one called the dog off. I don’t understand that.”

“Why are you yelling at him to put his hands behind his back when the dog is still biting him. Of course your reflex is going to be trying to protect the spot where the dog is biting. Do you really expect for people to calmy lay there and place their hands behind them while the dog is still attacking him. Why didnt you call the dog off once you had your hands on him?. I dont know this guy at all and Im sure he deserves to go to jail for whatever he did but just letting a dog continue to chomp on someone when they are laying on the ground and the officers have their hands on him already seems barbaric and overkill.”

“Noticed that highly trained dog doesnt undestand let go”

Do you think that using fur missiles to capture and hold escaping criminals is excessive? We’d like to hear from you. Watch the pursuit below and let us know in the comments.