VIDEO: Oklahoma City PD Shoots Crazed Suspect on Bus

Oklahoma City PD Shoots Crazed Suspect on Bus

Oklahoma City PD has released footage from a bus security camera which shows an officer-involved shooting from June 24th. The video was scheduled to be released earlier, but the release was pushed back due to the ongoing attacks against law enforcement.

Miguel Chaves-Angles, 42, had been at a hospital earlier in the day for a mental evaluation because he had been banging his head on the ground, and he had been saying that he was upset about a divorce. When Chaves-Angles was discharged from the hospital, he jumped into a stranger’s car as they were driving. He then kidnapped the two female occupants as he forced them to drive him over a mile before he got out of the car and then hopped on the bus.

Once on the bus, Chaves-Angles continued to act erratically. Oklahoma PD officers knew that Chaves-Angles was a kidnapping suspect as they boarded the bus to arrest him. That’s when Chaves-Angles grabbed Officer Heather Lane’s unholstered pistol. Chaves-Angles was then shot dead by Officer Daniel Carli.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty said that just before being shot, Chavez-Angles had been pointing Officer Lane’s pistol at her, but the gun malfunctioned. Shooting videos are often shocking to the public, but this video shows that the shooting was clearly justified.

We tend to get a lot of hate-mail when we declare shootings to be justified. It seems that there must have been a rocket scientist convention where they told people that it’s not legal for police officers to ever shoot anybody, because it denies them due process. The reality is that officer-involved shootings are not punitive; they are not done in response to a suspect committing crime. Officers use deadly force to protect lives, including their own, which is a basic human right. Chaves-Angles was shot because he was trying to kill the officers, not because he was a kidnapping suspect. Had Officer Carli not shot Chaves-Angles, both he and his partner would likely be dead.

Officer Carli did a great job protecting his partner and the public. Good job, hero.