Video Shows Family Shooting-Up Heroin Together In Alley

Lauren Story was arrested after shooting heroin in an alley with her child nearby.

Lauren Story was arrested after shooting heroin in an alley with her child nearby.

Lauren Story Arrested For Shooting Up Heroin Next To Child

Cincinnati, OH – A surveillance video shows a shocking scene of a mother shooting up heroin in front of her four-year-old son.

The video was shot on Wednesday, August 2, by a resident, John Donaldson, in an alley near the park, according to Fox News.  Donaldson said, “I saw the little boy sitting there against the wall really behaving himself while the two were preparing to shoot up.”

In the video, a woman is seen with a man, as she shoots up heroin, while her little boy either sits against the wall or plays with a smartphone.  Donaldson showed the video to Cincinnati police, and the mother was arrested on Thursday, August 3.

She was identified as Lauren Story, age 29, of Green Township, and was arrested after being spotted at the Hamilton County Courthouse in downtown Cincinnati by an unidentified Cincinnati police officer.  When she was taken into custody, four syringes were found inside her purse.

Story was charged with child endangering and possession of drug paraphernalia and drug abuse instruments.  She is being held under $22,000 bond.

At her arraignment on Friday, August 4, Prosecutor Dave Wood said, “People have sympathy for people who use heroin but that sympathy ends when you’re doing it in front of your children.”  A judge told Story that she could not around her son unless county social workers approved it.

Story’s son is safe now, and staying with a relative.  The case will be presented to the grand jury on August 14.

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You can see the surveillance video of the incident below: