Watch: Hero Officer Tim Schwering Pulls Woman From Car Moments Before It’s Engulfed In Flames

Spokane Police Officer Tim Schwering is a hero.

Spokane Police Officer Tim Schwering is a hero.

Officer Tim Schwering Saves Woman From Burning Car

Spokane, WA – Spokane Police Officer Tim Schwering is being recognized as a hero for pulling a woman from a burning car Friday night just before it got engulfed in flames.

According to WMAZ, at around 10 PM Friday night officers got a call from a woman who said her car was on fire at North Cannon Street near North Ridgeview Place. The woman advised that she was trapped in her vehicle and unable to get out.

For whatever reason, this woman’s windows were not made of safety glass. Safety glass will normally shatter into tiny pieces when impacted. Officer Tim Schwering arrived, and you can see him fight to break through the glass in the video.

You can see the video here:

Officer Tim Schwering had to be treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation.

The cause of the fire is not known at this time.

Officer Tim Schwering is a 43-year-old rookie with less than a year on the road. The officer previously made the news when he left his position as the director of Spokane Police Department’s strategic initiatives. His career change into law enforcement resulted in a $60k pay cut.

Not many people would be willing to lose $60k a year in order to stand on the front lines protecting their community. Thankfully, this hero did.

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