VIDEO: Dramatic 20-Minute Detroit Pursuit Ends When 5-Foot-Tall Female Officer Tackles Suspect

Officer Nikole Jabour took down a fleeing suspect after a 20 minute pursuit.

Officer Nikole Jabour took down a fleeing suspect after a 20 minute pursuit.

Little Officer Makes A Big Impact In Pursuit

Detroit, MI – A dramatic pursuit that lasted over 20 minutes was stopped by the smallest officer in the area. The video of the takedown is below.

The pursuit started in Detroit when an officer attempted to stop the vehicle on Tuesday. The suspect led police on a wild chase, cutting through pedestrian-heavy lawns at apartment complexes. The pursuit was so wild, it likely would have been called off if not for a report that a kidnapped child may have been in the vehicle.

The pursuit entered Hamtramck, and that’s where 5-foot Hamtramck Police Officer Nikole Jabour was waiting to pounce.

A Detroit officer backed in front of the suspect vehicle and the suspect took off running on foot. Channeling the badassery (if that’s not a real word then we’ll make it one) of police officers who came before her, Officer Jabour charged forward and hit the suspect with a running takedown. Other officers were then able to assist in taking the suspect into custody.

In the end, there was no kidnapped child, or any child in the vehicle. It’s not clear why the suspect ran. She was taken for a mental evaluation and will be charged with crimes related to the pursuit.

“Whenever you’re in chases, it’s very common for your adrenaline to take over,” Officer Nikole Jabour told Fox 2. “So you start doing things that you don’t realize you can do.”

“Sometimes on the street I might get treated slightly differently by people, sometimes in a positive sense and sometimes in a negative sense,” Officer Jabour said. “I view myself as equal to the men that I work with, and as long as you can view yourself as equal, you can become anything you want to become.”

Well done, Officer Jabour.

You can see the pursuit highlights and takedown in the video below: