VIDEO: Leland Officer Jacob Schwenk Shot 6 Times, Fights Back, Takes Shooter Out

Leland Police Officer Jacob Schwenk won a gunfight after being shot 6 times.

Leland Police Officer Jacob Schwenk won a gunfight after being shot 6 times.

Leland Officer Jason Schwenk Wins Gunfight After Being Shot

Leland, NC – On December 9th, 2016, Leland Police Officer Jacob Schwenk was suddenly shot 6 times by a DUI suspect. You can see in the video (below) that the hero never gave up, and he was able to take the shooter out.

Just before 9 PM on December 9th, Brunswick County law enforcement received multiple calls about a suspected drunk driver on Bridgeport Way in Leland’s Windsor Park community. The vehicle struck some bushes and almost hit mailboxes, according to WECT 6.

“When you’re pulling somebody over, you really don’t know what their head space is or what their involvement in other crimes might be,” District Attorney Jon David said. “There was nothing about showing up on a DWI call which would have led a reasonable officer to conclude that his life was in danger. Fortunately, consistent with his training, as he approached the car, the officer already had his hand on his service weapon. He was being careful as he approached. So, it was that training that ultimately put him in a position to save his own life.”

Officer Jacob Schwenk located the vehicle and stopped it as it turned around in a cul-de-sac. The officer repeatedly ordered the driver to turn the vehicle off. As the officer stepped forward, he told the driver to put the beer down, step out of the car, and keep his hands visible.

The suspect, Brent Quinn, then exited the vehicle and immediately opened fire on the officer. Officer Jacob Schwenk was shot once in the chest and five times in the legs, but he didn’t give up. After falling to the ground, the officer returned fire, fatally shooting Quinn twice in the face, and four times in the rest of his body.

Officer Charles McGee responded to assist and was able to apply a tourniquet on Officer Schwenk’s leg, saving his life.

“I will tell you that I was deeply concerned at the first time I talked to the press that he might succumb to his injuries because he had a very damaging injury to his femoral artery,” District Attorney Jon David said. “But for that tourniquet that was applied by Officer McGee, he might not be here.”

“We spend more time with each other than we do our own families. So, these guys are like family. These ladies are like family. Whether you are born from the same parent or not, you spend that much time with people you care about, and something bad happens to them, of course, it’s natural that it should upset you,” Leland Police Lt. Jeremy Humphries said. “No one wants to lose a loved one. The bad side to this is that what happened to this officer, it’s terrible, but there is more than just one family that is affected by it as well. It hits home because that could be anyone.”

Officer Jacob Schwenk would not be alive if not for a tourniquet, which are not issued to most officers. If you would like to buy a tourniquet for an officer (Amazon links) the SOF-T Tourniquet is one of the highest quality tourniquets you can buy with metal pieces that won’t break. For people looking for a more portable tourniquet, the RATS Tourniquet is an excellent portable tourniquet.

We’re proud of this hero for staying in the fight and surviving his gunfight.

You can see the video of the shooting below. WARNING: Graphic footage:

  • Remo_5_0

    Way to hang in there hero! And kudos to your brothers in blue for getting there quickly!!!

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    • carole henrichs

      Who are you to judge? Have you ever been in this kind of situation? Hope your not a cop.

  • jayesouthworth

    I hope the druck died.

  • GOOD JOB!… Keep pulling the weeds.

  • Allan

    Why is it in the 21st century, police cameras have such poor resolution? Good for the cop, and thank goodness he’s OK. Hell of a story to tell.

  • David E Brown

    I can only hope I would react with valor and fortitude after being shot several times. only matched by his brothers quick reactions using training and experience to save his life.