VIDEO: The #NoLackingChallenge Is Possibly The Dumbest Thing You’ll Ever See

The #NoLackingChallenge is like a challenge coin challenge, but with loaded guns.

The #NoLackingChallenge is like a challenge coin challenge, but with loaded guns.

#NoLackingChallenge Video

A video has been going viral with the hashtag #NoLackingChallenge (video below.) The premise of the video is that people draw guns on others to see if they’re carrying. It’s like challenge coins, but with loaded weapons.

It’s not clear at this time what the source of the video is or location it was created. People have suggested Chicago and Memphis as possible locations for the video.

In the video the cameraman points his loaded Glock at other people while his finger is on the trigger. You can see bullets loaded in the extended magazine.

“You smoked, you smoked,” the cameraman says as he is walking behind somebody while pointing a gun at them. As he turns a corner, the other person has a rifle pointed at him.

“Aww, nevermind,” he says.

The video goes through a compilation of the cameraman pointing his gun at different people and having them draw on him as they all laugh while violating every firearm safety rule.

At one point the cameraman appears to pull up to a fast food restaurant and draws his gun on the employees while they seem amused by the shenanigans.

It’s not clear if the video is a real account of a soon-to-be shot group of people who draw guns on each other for fun or if it’s a social media stunt. Either way, the video will have you shaking your head.

A search on social media at this time only shows a couple other groups of people re-creating the #NoLackingChallenge. Most people using the hashtag are just sharing the original video.

You can see the video below. WARNING: Graphic stupidity below.