VIDEO: Mormon Missionary Disarms Armed Robbers, Beats The Fear Of God Into Them

A Mormon missionary fought back against armed robbers, and it was captured on video.

A Mormon missionary fought back against armed robbers, and it was captured on video.

Video: Mormon Missionary Fights Back Against Armed Robbers

Two armed robbers got more than they expected when they tried to rob two Mormon missionaries in Brasil. The incident was captured on surveillance video (below.)

On March 11th, two Mormon missionaries in Brasil were on the sidewalk when two men pulled up on a motorcycle. One of the men pointed a gun at the missionaries, trying to rob them.

One of the missionaries wasn’t having it. He grabbed the gun and wrestled it away from the robber, pointing the gun back at the robbers.

Then the missionary decided that he didn’t need a gun to handle the low-lifes. He chucked the gun over the nearby fence and let his fists become the weapons of God.

The missionary beat the robbers until they fled in fear.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church confirmed that the incident happened in the Brazil Manaus Mission.

“The missionary feared for his life and reacted,” Eric Hawkins, spokesman for the LDS church, told The Washington Post.

“We are grateful that this incident did not end tragically, either for the missionaries or the other individuals involved,” the church said in a statement. “The guidance given to missionaries is to avoid conflict. Every situation is unique, and as adults, missionaries must make decisions about their safety. In this case, the assailant had a weapon and the missionary reacted in the moment to protect his life and that of his companion.”

There are currently more than 74,000 full-time LDS missionaries serving around the world.

You can see the video of the asskicking below: