VIDEO: Milwaukee PD Chief Edward Flynn Lays Out Why He Won’t Sacrifice City’s Safety To Please ACLU

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn destroyed the ACLU lawsuit claims.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn destroyed the ACLU lawsuit claims.

Milwaukee Police Department Chief Edward Flynn Cuts Through ACLU Nonsense In Video

Milwaukee, WI – Last week the ACLU announced that they were suing the City of Milwaukee over the police department’s practices. Now Milwaukee PD Chief Edward Flynn has responded, and eloquently cuts through their nonsense.

The ACLU lawsuit alleges that Milwaukee Police “engaged in an unlawful policy, practice, and custom of conducting a high-volume, suspicionless stop-and-frisk program, “which created and deepened public fear of and alienation from “the police.”

“Black and Latino people throughout Milwaukee — including children — fear that they may be stopped, frisked, or otherwise treated like criminal suspects when doing nothing more than walking to a friend’s house or home from school, driving to and from the homes of loved ones, running errands, or simply taking a leisurely walk or drive through the city,” the suit says.

Chief Edward Flynn responded to the allegations, “There’s no more serious allegation in 21st century America than to be accused of racist or biased behavior. So I’m going to take this opportunity to categorically and unequivocally reject the base of the assertions made by the ACLU in their lawsuit.”

You can see Chief Flynn tear apart the ACLU BS in the video below:

We don’t always agree with Chief Edward Flynn, but he’s gave one of the most well laid-out speeches destroying claims of “over policing.”

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