VIDEO: Milwaukee Gas Station Employee Locks In Juvenile Thieves – Whoops Them With Wet Floor Sign

A Milwaukee gas station employee locked in juvenile thieves and fought back.

A Milwaukee gas station employee locked in juvenile thieves and fought back.

Gas Station Employee Whoops Juvenile Thieves

Milwaukee, WI – A gas station clerk had enough of thieves, and decided to fight back, locking them in a store then smacking them with a “wet floor” sign that they had tried to use against him.

The incident happened Wednesday in the Citgo at 27th and Capitol, according to Fox 6 Now.

Three teens walked into the gas station and tried to steal some of the items from the store.

The employee believed that he recognized them as having hit the store before. When the thieves tried to make a run for it, they were locked in by the clerk.

Then the group of teens got into a fight with the clerk, picking up the wet floor sign and trying to hit him with it. The clerk was able to get the sign away from them and turn it back on them.

The clerk eventually unlocked the door, but one of the thieves hadn’t had enough of a whooping, and the clerk smacked him with the sign some more.

Clerk Anin Mirle told Fox 6 Now that the theives are an ongoing issue, “It’s not silly. It’s a serious crime. It’s very real and a terrible situation for us to running a business,” Mirle said. “They know how to rob. They know to to steal. They know how to snatch.”

He added that the city leaders should take responsibility for the crime.

The suspects in this case were able to get away and have not yet been identified.

You can see the video of the incident below: