VIDEO: Michael Brown Protester Struck By High-Speed Car, Then Gunfire Erupts

VIDEO: Michael Brown Protester Struck By High-Speed Car, Then Gunfire Erupts

Ferguson, Missouri – A video taken by a Michael Brown protester caught Darwinism in action as another protester was struck by a high-speed car. After the protester went flying, gunshots could be heard in the area as protesters shot at the vehicle. Warning: Graphic Video.

Tuesday marked the two-year-anniversary of when violent robber, Michael Brown, was killed while attempting to murder a police officer. Despite the Department of Justice investigation showing that the shooting of Michael Brown was done in self-defense, Black Lives Matter continues to ignore this fact and continues to hold him up as an example of police brutality. Black Lives Matter protesters had staged a protest to mark the anniversary of his death.

Some protesters were wearing dark clothing while standing in a busy roadway at night at the time that the protester was struck. In the video, the man could be seen flying from the force of the impact.

Shortly after the impact, gunshots could be heard as some protesters shot at the vehicle which was involved in the collision. The vehicle was riddled with bullet holes when it was contacted by the police. Thankfully, nobody inside of the vehicle was injured.

The collision was determined be unintentional. The driver of the vehicle was apparently unaware that anybody was in the roadway until the moment of the collision.

If these criminal protesters want to block a roadway, they should at least be visible about it. Instead, they had a few random individuals in dark clothing wandering in a busy roadway. Once the obvious happened, the protesters were so outraged that somebody couldn’t see them that they attempted to murder the innocent motorist.

Situations like this highlight why it’s important to clear protesters out of roadways. Not only do they unlawfully interfere with traffic, but people could get killed.

At the time of this writing, there’s no word on the condition of the protester who was struck.