Body-Cam Video Of NJ State Assemblywoman’s DUI Arrest: Calls Cops ‘F-ing A-holes,’ Ignores Orders

NJ State Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg was obnoxious throughout her contact with police before being arrested.

NJ State Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg was obnoxious throughout her contact with police before being arrested.

Video Of NJ State Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg’s DUI Arrest

Mount Laurel, NJ – Body-cam video was released on Friday, September 15, that shows the interaction between New Jersey Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg during a fender-bender investigation by New Jersey police officers.

The incident occurred on April 28, and Rodriguez-Gregg, age 35, was charged with DWI, reckless driving, and obstruction of justice, according to NJ1015.

Two officers responded to investigate the traffic crash, and approached Rodriguez-Gregg’s car.  Both said they smelled marijuana, after walking away from her vehicle.  She refused to answer one officer’s questions, and went into a profanity-laced tirade against the driver of the other vehicle.

When the officers told Rodriguez-Gregg that they had smelled marijuana coming from her vehicle, she said, “Oh my God. There’s no marijuana in my car. I smoked cigars earlier [..] in Morristown. But there’s no marijuana.” She then told them that they could search her car.

The officers asked Rodriguez-Gregg if they could search her vehicle, and she retracted the consent. The officers said that they were going to search her vehicle based on the odor of marijuana in the car.

She asked the officers if they knew who she was.  They said no, and she said that she was a “sitting assemblywoman.”

She said, “I got rear-ended and you guys are treating me like I’m the fucking a**hole.  You’re dealing with a sitting assemblywoman. Everyone’s going to hear about this shit.”

Rodriguez-Gregg continued and said, “Are you serious right now? I’m a sitting assemblywoman. Do you think I’m f***ing smoking cigars — oh, I’m sorry – smoking marijuana at this time of night? I’m calling my lawyer.  Is that what they said? These people who fucking rear-ended me?”

The officer responded “Not at all.”  Rodriguez-Gregg then said “That’s bullshit!”

She then appeared to become angrier as she was asked to step out of her vehicle and she refused several times before finally complying.

Once she stepped out, a officer smelled the odor of alcohol, prompting him to ask if she had been drinking. She continued to act belligerent.

Rodriguez-Gregg refused a sobriety text, and said that she didn’t “trust officers.”

In another profanity-laced tirade against the officers, Rodriguez-Gregg can be seen standing in the middle of the street, and apparently talking with her attorney on the phone, when she said, “I’m being harassed by the police. I have done nothing but support the police. I have been your No. 1 supporter politically. Fucking assholes!”

No marijuana was found in Rodriguez-Gregg’s car.  A blood test showed that she had alcohol in her system, but did not have marijuana.

In 2014, she became the first Hispanic to be elected as a Republican to the state assembly.  In August, 2017, Rodriguez-Gregg said that she would not seek re-election, but that her decision had nothing to do with this incident.

Rodriguez-Gregg had no public comment.  Her attorney said “police overreacted” and said that no marijuana was detected in her system. The attorney said that she did have alcohol in her system, but that the amount was “borderline.”

Although it’s not clear if Rodriguez-Gregg’s blood was above the legal limit, because her lawyer is attempting to have the blood results sealed, his “borderline” comment appears to be minimizing the blood alcohol results.

You can see the video of the incident below. Note: In the video below, the first 7 minutes have been cut out because it’s a lot slower. If you’d like to see the entire 12 minute video then you can see it at this link.

  • Harry Ballsaq

    A stupid c()nt.

    • xenonman

      Most are!

  • David E Brown

    she thinks being an Assembly member puts her above the law. Someone tell her an Assembly woman is not quite the same as Queen. “The lawyer said the police overreacted” if overreacting is bad why did the sitting Assembly Woman doing it?

    • george orwell

      The lawyer has to say that. It’s ALL he’s got, because he know his client is FAAAKED.

  • george orwell

    In 2014, she became the f̶i̶r̶s̶t̶ last Hispanic to be elected as a Republican to the state assembly.

    • Rockhound6165

      The absolute irony of both your avatar and name is mindboggling. I’m betting you don’t get it.

      • Phillip Barker

        I’m betting you don’t get the irony of your post.

        • proteus

          He’s on a mission to irritate!

  • jennifer 0.2

    Why did the article/Dump fail miserably to mention she was Republican???

    Lol….. & thats the way, uh huh uh huh, The cookie crumbles.

    • JohnB

      Reading ability zero. It was mentioned.

    • PatriotDave

      JohnB is correct. It IS mentioned. I thought for sure that since she was hyphenated she would have been a jackass, I mean a Demoncrat. That was my second surprise in this article. Quote: “In 2014, she became the first Hispanic to be elected as a Republican to the state assembly. “

    • LEO

      Your avatar picture pretty well sums up how you probably look most of the time.

  • Tracey Cazalas Brazee

    The discipline these officers showed is amazing. She is a sitting assembly woman alright. In the back of a police cruiser.

  • luminaughty

    you are not above the law no matter who the heck you are??? Law is a law… filthy mouth assemblywoman…
    shame on you!

    • Dr Shoe!

      Only Demoncrats are Above the Law, she just picked the wrong political party, and by the way she acted, she would have made a great Dem!

  • Bill Harney

    She should be terminated ASAP. In her position as an assemblywoman should be sitting an example not throwing her position around as if she should get special treatment. With her noncompliance for the officer and her foul mouth should get a high fine and loss of her position and black balled from holding any type of public office.

  • Jennifer Durbinder

    So an innocent victim was falsely arrested for marijuana DUI, and the best you’ve got is that she wasn’t happy about police treating her as a criminal?

    The police politely violated her rights and she had the audacity to be impolite about it?

    • Froghill

      The woman was arrested for obstruction, not marijuana/DUI

    • makesense40

      So if this falsely arrested arrogant female under the influence ran over you with her auto you would be ok with that.

    • Sixstringer✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      They also smelled ALCOHOL when she exited the vehicle.
      Then REFUSED a field sobriety test, which is AGAINST THE LAW.
      The police acted calmly & with patience toward this “self entitled” princess.
      She uses the, “I’m a sitting assemblewoman” statement to try to put herself above everyone else in America, because she feels the police will cower and drop it due to fear of losing their jobs.
      Because you know she would have lied and said the police assaulted her, and they used racial slurs, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum.
      And the fact that you see this video, and still try to defend her actions, shows what an inheritantly pre-biased person you are.
      She, and people like you are about as self aware and intelligient as a half eaten grilled cheese sandwich.
      Now scurry off to your safe space for cookies and a good cry into your pillow.

      • Diana MW

        On point!!

    • LEO

      Because you have difficulty with reading comprehension I copied this sentence from the story. “The incident occurred on April 28, and Rodriguez-Gregg, age 35, was
      charged with DWI, reckless driving, and obstruction of justice,
      according to NJ1015.” So tell me where she was charged with marijuana DUI? The police did not violate her rights. Driving is a privilege, not a right. If you don’t drink and drive and act like a buffoon you don’t have to worry about spending the night in jail.

      • YOU-people

        Driving is a privilege not a right?
        Says the 9th amendment?

        • LEO

          First question – True
          Second question – What does the 9th amendment have to do with driving a car?

          • YOU-people

            The 9th amendment: Just because driving is not spelled out specifically like say the 2nd amendment doesn’t mean we don’t have a right to it.

          • LEO
          • YOU-people

            Oh I see a website says so.
            Just like the second amendment is a right but in many states a requirement is placed on it, even a license requirement for handguns in New Jersey.

          • LEO

            This will be no doubt an exercise in futility based on my interaction with you but try calling the drivers license bureau in your area and ask them if driving is a constitutional right. Or you can use google and check for yourself. If you happen to find a web page that says driving is in the constitution as a right, please send the link to me. BTW it’s okay to admit you’re wrong. No one will laugh at you too much.

          • YOU-people

            When in New Jersey try calling officials to see if you have a right to a handgun, the constitution says you do but you have the privilege to be issued a license.
            The web page that says you have a right not specifically named in the constitution is in the constitution such as the ability to travel freely and unmolested by a common mode of transportation is any page that quotes the 9th amendment.

          • LEO

            We were talking about driving privileges and then gun ownership and then back to driving. Did you call the driver’s license bureau yet? Driving is not a right. If you don’t believe me try driving drunk and see if you retain your license. Or fail a drivers test exam and see if they even issue you a license to drive. You should really research this topic before commenting further and embarrassing yourself.

          • YOU-people

            Still no response to the 9th amendment.
            Asking agencies if you have a right is not a winning argument.

    • Katrina

      DUI can also be for alcohol-which she DID have in her system. A “sitting assembly woman” has no special rights above any of the rest of us. Especially when it comes to drinking and driving. Nice try on deflecting the charge by using the marijuana. Are you a friend of hers? I didn’t see any rights being violated, only a vile, uncooperative woman who expected special treatment because, well she thought she was special. Her lawyer describes her blood alcohol as “borderline”. Interesting term. Does that mean it wasn’t Over the limit, or Under the limit, but just At the limit?

  • Farmer

    When politicians waive the “I’m a politician and therefore I am privileged” card, it is time to reeducate them that they are public servants, hired by the people to serve the people. This sitting assembly woman has no more right to special treatment than anyone else and her attitude that she does …. stinks. She should not seek another term.

    • Chuck Grigg

      Spot on comment,

    • Rockhound6165

      I’m not defending her but a question: Did you vote for Hillary Clinton?

      • proteus

        WTF does that have to do with his comment? Are you a liberal troll?

        • Rockhound6165

          Answer the question: Did you vote for Hillary Clinton?

          • Farmer

            Are u crazy? Clinton is damaged goods….no sane person would vote for that crook…myself included, although it sounds like you voted for her.

          • proteus

            Well did YOU vote for Hillary? You sound like a liberal troll, so I guess you did.

  • Chuck Grigg

    Just another special interest group politician that thinks they are above the law. Laws only apply to the commoners.

    She’s a vile person without respect for others.

  • makesense40

    It is unbelievable that the police have to put up with these kind of people.

  • nativeamerican

    I like how she pointed out that she was the victim by being a LATINO. They didn’t know you were Latino after the fender bender untill they saw your ID. I loved her comment “I support you constantly”. But if your going to not give me a pass and let me do something illegal then I’m not going to support you for doing your job. Seems to me in this instance she supporting them to not do they’re job. This is Liberal thinking
    When you get stopped, and your suspected of possession or DWI. You attorney has now authority and the officer has no recourse or options but to PROTECT the public from you.

  • Not2pc4U

    Lets all give a thanks to the ACLU, We love bodyCams best thing since, locking up scumbags and stupid elitists.

  • Rick

    Wow, she used all the cards in the playbook. She must be a RHINO who supported Hillary… Frankly I don’t give a damm what she is however one thing we know for a FACT is that her Blood Test came back and ALLEDGELY according to HER Atty. she was Borderline Legally Drunk. Since he didn’t say which side of Borderline she was then she must have been DRUNK.

  • Bert Mc

    This asshole is just showing that she is guilty. Why appoint a shitty woman like this in your community as an assembly woman? Remove her from her position! DUI….

  • pound puppy

    Knock that bitch out so she shuts the hell up.

  • Bob Tortoriello

    OK. We saw what happened up to the arrest. I’d like to know what happened afterward? Was there a fine? What was her punishment? Is it to soon to know? Of course her lawyer said all the right things in her favor. Why is he trying to have her blood-alcohol results sealed? He said it was borderline. To me there is NO borderline. IF the blood level is 1.0, and she is .999, she’s below the level. IF she’s 1.o, or 1.01, she’s over. I love the “technicalities a lawyer uses. The cops were excellent.

  • Wolfhoundcop

    Hooray for the Professionals. Good Job guys. I had several of those “Do you know who I am” over the years. But what’s important is asking them “Do you know who I am?” lol

  • Peter Toto

    She’s a Illiterate and a Filthy Rag, and seem there may be racism behind this, just a guess…..What your witnessing is LIBERAL TOURETTE’S SYNDROME The Proper Diagnosis is called Liberal Tourette Syndrome…They blurt out obscenities, and Lies, and rude comments,

    Usually self-diagnosable

    It involves uncontrollable repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics), such as repeatedly blinking the eyes, shrugging shoulders, or blurting out offensive words.People may experience:Behavioral: compulsive behavior, impulsivity, hyperactivity, meaningless repetition of own words, nonsense word repetition, repetitive movements, swearing uncontrollably, or lack of restraint

    Muscular: tic, difficulty with bodily movements, increased muscle activity, involuntary movements, involuntary muscle contraction, or jerking muscle spasms

    Mood: anxiety or apprehension

    Also common: coughing, eyelid twitching, frequent throat clearing, learning disability, repetitive blinking of eyes, or stuttering… ITS SEEMS TO BE CONTAGIOUS! Black Woman Goes after a Veteran in Restaurant After She Notices What He has with Him [VIDEO]

  • hawkeye22407

    “I think I smell marijuana” – the “preferred way around a warrant” of the last decade… In cases where “we are going to search your car because I think I smell marijuana” don’t result in FINDING any, all other charges should be thrown out and the officers should be reprimanded.

  • YOU-people

    So her blood alcohol level was borderline when it was drawn what an hour later? so clearly she was intoxicated at the time.

  • Jeff Campbell

    In one way I feel sorry for her. The fact that she was rear ended put her in this position. Had that not happened, this confrontation would never have happened. On the other hand, I find her sense of entitlement because she is a sitting politician repulsive.