Video: Knife Wielding Teen, Luke Smith, High On LSD Shot By Police

Teen Luke Smith High On LSD Shot By Police

Video: Teen Luke Smith Was High On LSD When He Was Shot By Police

Santa Cruz County, California – 15-year-old Luke Smith was shot by police after stabbing family members and refusing to put his knife down.

This whole incident started when 15-year-old Luke Smith of Santa Cruz decided to take LSD with a friend. The friend who took the drug with him left after Luke became hostile. 15 minutes after the friend left, Luke took a 9 inch long kitchen knife and stabbed his father and uncle multiple times.

The victims of the stabbing are in stable condition right now. The uncle was stabbed multiple times in his chest and the fathers lung had collapsed, according to the Santa Cruz Patch

Police located Luke about 10 minutes after the stabbing walking down the road close to the home with a knife in his hand. Several agencies including the Watsonville police and Capitola police spent at least 13 minutes calmly trying to get the young man to drop the knife.

The officers on scene attempted to deploy less than lethal measures on Luke several times. He was Tased, shot with 40mm foam rounds, and was even bit by a K9. After all this, he still refused to drop the knife and was shot by Deputy Chris Vigil one time in the chest. Officers performed emergency first aid on Luke, but he succumbed to his wounds.

The video below starts off after officers had been pleading with Luke for a few minutes to drop the knife. The Capitola Police Department did an excellent job on the video, you can see every less than lethal method deployed on the left side of the screen, including the fatal shot.

If you still have any doubts about how dangerous a man with a knife can be, check out our earlier article here. The video in this article shows the exact same situation, but with police actually being stabbed due to not having control of the suspect.

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