VIDEO: Armed Robber Exits Building With Gun In Hand, Into Group Of Cops – Gets Lit Up

Louisville Metro police fatally shot Corey Boykin Jr. on Sunday night.

Louisville Metro police fatally shot Corey Boykin Jr. on Sunday night.

Corey Boykin Shooting Video

Louisville, KY – Video has been released of an officer-involved shooting where Louisville Metro Police Officers fatally shot armed robber Corey Boykin Jr. (video below.)

The incident happened Sunday night at around 9 PM when officers got a call of an assault at at an industrial park on Fern Valley Rd, according to WHAS11.

“Officers from the sixth and seventh division responded and were here at the business for about an hour trying to understand exactly what was occurring to gain entry into the business where the incident was supposedly happening,” Chief Conrad said.

The officers initially left after they were unable to locate any disturbance, but then they got a call of an armed robbery at the same location with shots fired.

The officers responded again, and as officers surrounded the loading dock doorway, the suspect exited with his pistol in-hand.

Officer John Dillon and Officer Nick Ulery opened fire, shooting the suspect, Corry Boykin Jr., 24.

Officers dragged Boykin away from the doorway and provided first aid before he was transported to University hospital where he was pronounced dead.

When the officers made entry into the building, they located a victim who was bound and injured from being pistol whipped.

“They were rescued from that location, they were taken to University Hospital by our officers.  That victim was treated, and released and is now home resting safely,” Major Frank Hardison said.

In an effort to be transparent, Louisville Metro PD has released the bodycam video of the shooting.

“None of these videos offers a complete view of what occurred last night, please understand that body worn video is just one part of a complete and thorough investigation,” Chief Steve Conrad said.

Officer Dillon and Officer Ulery have been placed on admin leave while the shooting is being investigated.

LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit is handling the investigation.

You can see the video of the shooting below. WARNING: Graphic content.

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    Anyone left in the building just shit themselves.

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    Another good story with a happy ending: bad guy dead, victim and police alive.

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  • Good short story with perfect ending.

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    Bad guy dead. With pistol in hand even without firing a shot the police in this case will get off. In a perfect world the police shoot when the perpetrator fires. However who’s going to wait for a bullet to come in on them ? I wouldn’t. In any event (and this seems cold in my part ) the perpetrator now dead will never harm anyone ever again. The prison system , courts, and community are saving money. A would be perpetrator for a life long series of crimes no longer exists.The police did a good job.Case closed and the innocent victim is ALIVE !!!! My best regards to this police department !!!!!