VIDEO: Shooting of Joshua Barre In Tulsa Which Prompted Attacks On Police

Surveillance footage shows the shooting of Joshua Barre.

Surveillance footage shows the shooting of Joshua Barre.

VIDEO: Tulsa Shooting Of Joshua Barre

Tulsa, OK – The shooting of Joshua Barre, a mentally-ill man armed with two knives, prompted a near-riot in Tulsa on Friday. Video of the shooting has now been released (below.)

Before the incident, a judge signed a mental health pick-up order on May 31 for Joshua Barre. The judge believed that the 29-year-old man posed a danger to himself or others and needed to be involuntarily taken into custody so that he could be taken to a mental health treatment facility, according to NewsOn6.

Deputies in the specially-trained Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Mental Health Unit made multiple attempts to locate Joshua Barre. The deputies first found him on June 1 when he armed himself with a hammer and barricaded himself inside of his residence.

The risk to the lives of Barre and the deputies outweighed the risk to the public, so the deputies left him in order to pick him up at a future date.

On June 5, deputies received a report from a neighbor that Barre was up at night scaring her children. Deputies responded and were unable to locate him.

On June 7, Deputies contacted Joshua Barre alone in his residence and he threatened to kill officers. Again, he was barricaded in his residence and the deputies left him.

On June 9 at around 9:48 AM, Tulsa PD received four separate calls that Joshua Barre was in the street, armed with two “butcher knives,” or “machetes.”

Deputies contacted Barre at 300 West 50th Ct N and ordered him to drop the knives. Barre threatened to kill the deputies and continued walking. The deputies followed him and continued to give him orders, which he ignored.

Finally, Joshua Barre started walking to a convenience store at 4449 North MLK Blvd. Fearing that Barre would kill people in the store, a deputy risked his life to get close enough to Taser Barre; the Taser had no effect.

Fearing for the lives of people within the store, deputies shot Barre as he opened the door to the convenience store and began to go inside. The incident was captured on surveillance video.

After the shooting, around 300 protesters gathered near the scene shouting, “Fuck the police.” Some of the people in the crowd began to throw rocks and chunks of concrete at the officers, prompting them to put on protective gear.

Working with community leaders, law enforcement was able to de-escalate the scene and people went home.

You can see the video of the shooting below. WARNING – May be graphic to some people:

  • rogblake

    wtf i watched it ten times how did the cops shoot him when he was in the store and the door window not being shot through?

    • forgetyoutooo

      Through the opened door.

    • Bug eater 357

      Cop bullets are programmable so that once set, they will only damage the intended target and will pass through anything else harmlessly. Cops just don’t always get the time necessary to program the bullet with the target data.

    • Johnny

      Caucasian magic.

  • Sam

    You be amazed at what TPD can do.