WATCH: Lawyer For Jose Gonzalez, FDNY EMT Yadira Arroyo’s Killer, Gets Shouted Down By Angry Crowd

FDNY refuses to hear Jose Gonzalez's lawyer tell the world that he's the real victim.

FDNY refuses to hear Jose Gonzalez’s lawyer tell the world that he’s the real victim.

Jose Gonzalez’s Lawyer Tried To Claim He’s The Victim After He Murdered FDNY Hero Yadira Arroyo

New York City – As Jose Gonzalez’s lawyer tried to explain that he was the real victim, a horde of angry firefighters shouted her down.

Jose Gonzalez was arraigned on Friday following an incident where he stole and ambulance and murdered FDNY EMT Yadira Arroyo by running her down. The incident was captured on cell phone video.

A large group of angry firefighters stared down Gonzalez as he was led out of the 43rd Precinct while professing his innocence.

“I’m innocent, I didn’t do nothing,” Gonzalez shouted.

“Whatever happened in this case was not intentional,” said Alice Fontier of Bronx Public Defenders. “He is not the person he is being portrayed to be.”

Fontier claimed that Gonzalez was a victim because he was very mentally ill, and whined that he was “arrested in a very rough fashion.”

There’s no indication that the arresting officer harmed Gonzalez, although Arroyo’s partner could be seen kicking at him as officers had to pull her off. It’s not clear if Gonzalez sustained his facial injuries from the kicks or if he accidentally fell down a flight of stairs.

“He intentionally ran her over,” said a union spokesman. “This was no mistake. This wasn’t an ‘I didn’t see you.’ This was murder.”

Police said that Gonzalez was high on drugs at the time of Yadira Arroyo’s murder. DWI is one of the charges that Gonzalez was arraigned on, in addition to murder.

You can see the City of New York refusing to put up with the defense attorney’s BS here:

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  • Lawman49

    Soooo Everyone is Mentally Ill these days?

    • CraxyD

      You noticed that too? IF this vermin is “severely mentally ill” as his public defender is claiming, then why the Hell was he out in public unsupervised?

      • Ken Laughlin

        Because ever since Reagan funds to treat the mentally ill have been slashed. Again, thanks Reagan

        • CraxyD

          Gonna have to stop you right there high speed. If it was that big of an issue, then why haven’t any of the 4 presidents and their administration since done anything about it?

  • Jim Cunningham

    Who cares who he is? He was arrested for what he did. Big difference.

  • USAC#95

    SO Alice the attorney goes on with her life and her marriage to didn’t get her name and Yadira ‘s
    children go one in life with out a mother and this scum bag Gonzalez will get no time and probably will
    kill again and this metal illness is he’s a scum bag that should be put to death