WATCH: Gunfight Between Firefighter And Neighbor Caught On Camera

Indianapolis firefighter Dean Keller won a gunfight with his neighbor.

Indianapolis firefighter Dean Keller won a gunfight with his neighbor.

VIDEO: Indianapolis Firefighter Dean Keller Wins Gunfight With Neighbor

Johnson County, Indiana – A gunfight between Indianapolis firefighter, Dean Keller, and his neighbor was captured on surveillance video at the firefighter’s residence (video below.)

The video was released by the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, along with the announcement that the firefighter, Dean Keller, 49, will not be facing charges for putting four bullets into the chest of his neighbor, Jeffery Weigle, 59.

The video was strong evidence that Keller acted in self-defense.

The confrontation all started over a fence that borders their property. Jeffery Weigle had been in an ongoing dispute with Keller about the fence. In the video, Weigle could be heard addressing Keller, “Hey a**hole,” as he tries to alter the fence.

“I see you got the s**t out,” Weigle continued, referring to Dean Keller’s wife.

Weigle then got on his riding lawnmower as Keller went to inspect what his neighbor did to the fence. At that moment, Weigle backed up his lawnmower and drew his gun.

Keller reacted by drawing his own weapon and putting four rounds into Weigle’s chest as they exchanged gunfire.

Jeffery Weigle was transported to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. Prosecutors are still working to determine what charges he will face if he survives.

RTV6 reports that Jeffery Weigle only rents a single room at the property that he was mowing. The owner of the property he rents at said that Weigle took her gun without her knowledge and used the gun in the altercation.

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You can see the video of the gunfight below. WARNING – Graphic Content: