VIDEO: Developing – Troy Police Shooting – Live-Streamed Aftermath – Hostile Crowd Has Formed

Video aftermath was streamed after a Troy police officer-involved shooting.

Video aftermath was streamed after a Troy police officer-involved shooting.

Video: Troy Police Shooting – Live-Streamed Video

Troy, NY – A Troy police officer was involved in a shooting on Tuesday evening, which resulted in a hostile crowd surrounding the officers. Other officers have now responded with protective gear.

The exact circumstances behind the contact are not known at this moment. Neighbors say that officers shot a male in the head near 8th Avenue and Rensselaer Street at around 7:30 PM.

Local newspaper Times Union is reporting that he was shot “while he was sitting in his car,” leaving people with the impression that he wasn’t doing anything besides sitting in his car when he was shot. People on social media are already expressing their outrage that officers would shoot a man who was reportedly “sitting in his car.”

From the scene, a white crossover vehicle appears to have been driven off of the roadway. If this is the suspect vehicle, that suggests that the man may have been doing a lot more than “sitting in his car.”

According to Andrew Banas with News 10, one heckler who responded to the scene was yelling, “Would you shoot a white person like this?”

A video of the aftermath was streamed on Facebook live.

The video shows a handcuffed man being held down by an officer next to a pool of his own blood. Times Union reports that the suspect died from his injuries. UPDATE: Looks like Times Union is spreading more false information. The man is currently at the hospital and expected to survive. Preliminary information suggests that he was NOT shot in the head.

Around 75 angry hecklers gathered to yell at the police about the incident, prompting them to respond with protective gear.

UPDATE: The suspect is believed to be a 22-year-old male who was sentenced three years ago to four years in prison on drugs charges and has a history of not cooperating with police.

You can see video of the aftermath below. WARNING – Graphic content:

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