VIDEO: Woman With Stun Gun Attacks Detroit Police Officer

A woman used a stun gun to attack a Detroit police officer.

A woman used a stun gun to attack a Detroit police officer.

Detroit Police Officer Hit With Stun Gun

Two Detroit residents are being charged with crimes after a police officer was zapped with an electronic stun gun during a traffic stop, according to the Detroit Free Press. (Video below)

The Detroit Police Department released body camera video of the incident that occurred July 5. The Detroit Police Department said on Facebook the body camera video shows that no officer was engaged in using force when one of the officers was tased.

Mario Delgado, 23, and Erica Garcia, 27, both residents of Detroit, were charged with resisting and obstructing police. Garcia was also charged with felonious assault and possession of a stun gun.

Garcia used the electronic stun gun on the officer after police ordered a group of people to get out of a car, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. The four people pulled over by police were smoking marijuana, according to the Detroit News. Those four men were not arrested, but just given tickets, according to the Detroit News.

Delgado and Garcia were arrested at the scene, according to the Detroit Free Press. The two suspects were part of a crowd that gathered once the police pulled over the vehicle. They are expected to be arraigned Saturday at the 34th District Court in Romulus.

The police officer hit by the stun gun was not injured, the police department said. There were five officers at the scene wearing body cameras.

The incident happened just after midnight, according to the Detroit News. Garcia hit the officer in the left arm with the Taser. She then fled on foot but the officer who was stunned was able to recover and still make the arrest, the police said.

After Garcia was arrested, police also discovered pepper spray in her possession, the Detroit News reported.

“She was coming out, full force, with a Taser and pepper spray to assault our officers,” said Detroit Police Fourth Precinct Commander Whitney Walton in the Detroit News.

The Detroit News reported that Michigan residents who have concealed pistol licenses have been legally allowed to carry Tasers since 2012.

Police officers may legally use deadly force against anybody who threatens them with a weapon that is capable of disabling them, including Tasers and pepper spray. However, the reasonableness of using deadly force may be greatly reduced when there are larger numbers of officers present.

Watch the video here (Warning: Language)