BREAKING VIDEO: Dallas Cowboys And Owner, Jerry Jones, Kneel Before National Anthem

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones led his team in kneeling for the national anthem.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones led his team in kneeling for the national anthem.

Jerry Jones Leads Cowboys In Kneeling Before Anthem

The Dallas Cowboys along with their owner, Jerry Jones, locked arms Monday night and kneeled before the national anthem (video below.)

However, the Cowboys wanted to make it clear that they were kneeling BEFORE the anthem, to show that they weren’t protesting the anthem itself. What they were actually protesting isn’t clear, but since they were kneeling, they were presumably joining Colin Kaepernick’s protest of law enforcement.

However, Jones failed in making it clear that they weren’t kneeling during the national anthem. Multiple news outlets have already reported that they kneeled “during” the anthem in protest of whatever the outlets think that the kneelers are protesting.

The entire stadium booed the team as they took a knee.

The team then stood again as the national anthem was played.

It’s not clear why the team would decide to start protesting law enforcement a year after five Dallas police officers were assassinated.

In response to the officers being killed, the Dallas Cowboys wore an “Arm in Arm” decale on their helmets during their training camp in 2016.

The team then announced that they needed to remove the decals when they started the preseason schedule. The decal is a violation of NFL uniform policy and the NFL said that they wouldn’t allow it.

At the time, Dallas Morning News reported that Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones, spoke on the issue. “That decision doesn’t take away from our emphasis on unity,” owner Jerry Jones said. “I’m proud of our team, proud of our team leadership, Jason Witten particularly, for really instigating and putting that together.”

“Our goal all along was to show support to the victim’s families, the Dallas Police Department and to try to unite our community,” said Witten, according to The Dallas Morning News.

“I understand the NFL has uniform rules and guidelines they have to follow, but that still doesn’t mean we aren’t going to support and honor our community and stand arm in arm with them now and in the future. The decal not being on the helmet is not going to stop that.”

Jerry Jones will presumably explain his actions later.

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You can see the video of the Dallas Cowboys kneeling below:

  • John M.

    Good thing the game wasn’t in Dallas!

  • Carl Laviolette

    I hope Jerry Jones has a fucking heart attack and dies after they fine 1000000 dollars for every player that took a knee!!!!!!!

    • Shawna Hudson

      Dream on twatwaffle! If he was worried about fines, he wouldn’t have done it! He can buy and sell your pathetic ass 10x over!

      • Kathleen A Zipser

        That’s funny. Exactly what is he or any of these pompous asses protesting? If it’s inequality, they’re right. The rest of the country doesn’t get to enjoy college scholarships with low GPAs, their lives of wealth, privilege, & celebrity, and all they do is play a game. That’s not fair to the rest of us. Most of them are black, marry beautiful white women, live in gated communities, and have nothing to do with their black brothers & sisters. If you ask me, I think they’re two-faced hypocrites. They can lock arms, kneel, or stand on their heads for all we care. We’re not watching them and we’re done with all things NFL, cancelled our direct TV NFL package, and boycotting NFL game sponsors. My dad was a decorated war hero, shed blood more than once for this country, and raised us to love & respect our country, the National Anthem, and our beautiful flag. So we don’t care who can buy and sell anyone, you name calling, pathetic person. You don’t deserve the freedoms my father fought for.

        • Tom Hughes

          Kathleen, that was beautifully written, well said and1,000,000% correct and this 20 year retired veteran supports you completely!!!!

      • Carl Laviolette

        Yep typical response from a jackass! Oh jerry jones can buy and sell ur ass 10 times over. DUH asshole i bet he can buy and sell most people on here dickweed! Don’t change my mind I pray he has a fucking heart attack and dies. good for nothing dickwad. And with a name like shawna i can see why u like him cus he is standing with you poor people who have it so bad oh wah wah wah. Oh wait that would be your ancestors not you!!!! Get off welfare and earn some money then tell me its ok for them asshats to take ur money to protest!

  • Tim

    How clever, Jerry put on a little “protest” BUT not during the presentation of the National Anthem. He’s showing the clowns how to play in the circus. NO ONE I know is saying an individual does not have the right to protest but there is a time and place for everything. Take that your protest to the Mall in Washington or some venue that lends itself to your cause. The stated “cause” in this case may need fair and balanced discussion but I am not impressed with a loser of privilege delivering a message that does not apply to him in any way.

    • richard scalzo

      They are more concerned over their income. If fans keep leaving, the revenue dies.

    • Geri Attrik

      well actually they don’t have a “right” to protest on the job. see this.

      CALLER: Hey, Rush. I’m an attorney. I’ve been an attorney for 20 years. And let me tell you what’s so frustrating to me about this whole NFL thing. I hear the smart people, so-called smart people all over the news media, our politicians are talking about that these players somehow have a right to protest. If they want to take a knee, that’s their right, their freedom of speech right.

      They couldn’t be more wrong. This is Constitution 101 class stuff. The First Amendment does not apply to these players. There must be state action for the First Amendment to apply. And the NFL is not the state. They have an absolute right to fire those players because of their speech. There’s no right for them, they do not have a right to protest whatsoever.

      RUSH: I hate to tell you, folks, he is exactly right. This is a workplace issue. And the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech doesn’t apply here. The First Amendment only says that the government, Congress shall make no law abridging your right to freedom of speech, state actions. But employers can tell employees what they can say and can’t say in certain situations, how to behave, what’s a fireable offense. This is absolutely true. You’re absolutely right about this.

      And you’re also right that it’s media people, supposed educated, learned people who are — further, it’s all part of the effort to make these guys look oppressed and discriminated against and so forth. And, of course, whatever they do, why that can’t be divisive. Why, that’s only uplifting. When it is divisive, and you can look at the stands and TV ratings to see that it is. It’s just common sense. It’s now in utter, total denial.

  • BlueWarrior

    No one cares about blacks. These “protests” wont work.

    • Arthur Gibson

      i have no hatred for black people, the color of ones skin doesnt measure the size of the heart we know the difference between right and wrong,maybe us white folks would be more open to your plight and help stop the attack on people of color . but it seems the media doesnt really want racial equality not good for buisiness they would rather show kkk members marching and black lives matter blocking the streets because that behavior sells the media, you have to look long and hard for the feel good stories of a black man in houston helping a white family or a white man helping a mexican family or black family this wont sell so they devide us when iam talking to a black person i dont think of the color of his or her skin iam trying to understand them,white folks shut their feelings down when it come sto your plight because we see you killing one another most wont like that sentence but i feel that way if you folks really care dont kill each other and lets work on our people in blue for the most part i think they do the best they can some folks white or black should never be allowed a gun and badge as the rush they get from that power usually leads to something negative , but to be sure when a policeman tells you to stop and raise your arm or get on the ground hes only going to ask once then respond, when all is said and done we have a beutiful country and beautiful people, would like to seemore help in inner cities. after all in this day and age our families are blended hatred needs to stop

  • george orwell

    Virtue signaling horses***. Didn’t watch even one nano-second of MNF tonight and won’t. Used to watch it every Monday night, every year since Cosell, Jackson, and Meredith days. DONE.

  • cardnut

    Jerry Jones is a horse’s ***. Kneel BEFORE the National Anthem? What does that mean? I am done with the NFL for however long it takes for them to get their stuff together. And I am also officially leaving the Golden State Warriors fan club. Did they HAVE to insinuate politics into their exciting preseason? Sorry Steph — you suck.

    • mark bland

      America’s team. Trumps best friend.

  • Dennis Ray Wall

    I will put a positive post here if you don’t mind. I believe they were kneeling in prayer before the Game & were praying for the Anti-Americans that are in Football & elsewhere in this Country.
    I’ll let this Black Pastor give you the negative analysis!
    Black Pastor James D. Manning on
    America’s Black People! Tear it up Obama!

  • ffangel4u

    I’m done with football. All because of the criminal getting shot in Missouri started this along with Obama rhetorical remarks about our LEO’s and then Killary just had to keep laying it on thicker.

    • mark bland

      Killary was involved with laying it on thicker regarding LEO and police shootings? So confused. Slow your anger down a bit. You are crossing all kinds of things up.

  • C.d. Gibson

    If they’re protesting inequality, then the NFL has a LONG way to go to become equal. It is over 70% black & blacks only make up about 12.9% of the population. By my reckoning, the NFL to be truly EQUAL needs to fire at least 55% of it’s blacks & make sure the teams are made up of the correct number of whites.

    • Highest common denominator

      Lol. That’s how you get the European Football League. You see how well that did.

      • C.d. Gibson

        The entire league can go away as far as I’m concerned.

  • Geri Attrik

    like many who support LE I have cut the NFL and espn channels. so I ask, when are you LEO going to stop working security at these NFL games? boycott them. we are. it may cost you your second income for a while but…. what is the price you are willing to pay? don’t let the bastards win.

  • Linda

    I’ve read in that they took a knee and said a prayer as a sign of unity. Then stood for the anthem.

  • jacob

    I will put a positive post here if you don’t mind. I believe they were kneeling in prayer before the Game & were praying for the Anti-Americans that are in Football & elsewhere in this Country. I’ll let this Black Pastor give you the negative analysis!Black Pastor James D. Manning on America’s Black People! Tear it up Obama!

  • Highest common denominator

    It’s becoming increasingly easy to keep y’all in your feelings.


    If you have seen and listened to the new Dallas Chief of Police, Dallas is fast becoming Baltimore.

  • Michael White

    This is one of those times that getting the whole story first might have been a better idea. The cowboys kneeling was in prayer had absolutely nothing what so ever to do with the protests.